5 Questions With: Artist Angela Aula - The Drake
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    5 Questions With: Artist Angela Aula

    The walls of our spaces are filled with amazing pieces of art created by women, and with International Women’s Day taking place this month, we’ll be continuing to feature the work of women artists all month long. This week, we’re highlighting Inuit artist Angela Aula, who with her husband Oscar Flores created a mural in our Modern Wing lobby of fellow Inuit artist Saimaiyu Akesuk’s Heads. Heads depicts four animal heads rendered as one, symbolizing the connectedness of all creatures.

    We caught up with Angela to hear about her projects, the artists in her family that inspire her and more.  

    Keep up with Angela on Instagram @angelaaula and on Red Urban Nation Artists Collective’s profile @redurbannationart. 

    Saimaiyu Akesuk Art Heads Mural Angela Aula The Drake Hotel Toronto
    Photo by Brandon Barre


    + What are you working on that has you personally or professionally excited?   

    I am working on growing my arts, especially on canvas and make a portfolio of myself. I am currently working on seal and caribou shape canvas paint work where I cut out seal and caribou skin shapes and tie them like you would on real seal skin to dry.  


    + Can you tell us about your work on Heads? What was it like to collaborate with artist Saimiayu Akesuk on this mural?   

    I love showing my culture and teaching people through art, by painting landscapes and scenery along with animals. I also like doing silhouette work. Saimaiyu was very kind to share her thoughts after the finish, so we are happy!  

    +Who are some of your important role models or mentors who are women?  

    All my aunts are my role models as they are artists themselves. My Aunt Annie, Aunt Raigelee and Aunt Naulaq were always so inspiring all my life, they often encourage me to keep going with my arts.  


    +Who are some women in the art space are inspiring you right now?  

    My Aunt Annie, who works on drawings and watercolour painting, Aunt Raigelee, who is a seamstress making parkas and my Aunt Naulaq, who is also a seamstress and maker of jewelry and countless of arts and crafts. 


    +What advice would you give to young up-and-coming artists?   

    Don’t stop imagining. 

    +Coffee or Tea?   


    +Your winter comfort food?  

    Country food 

    +What’s the last book you read or movie you watched that had an impact on you?  

    Don’t Look Up 

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