My Night in Nine: Denise Chow + Mary Young's Road Trip to PEC - The Drake
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    My Night in Nine: Denise Chow + Mary Young’s Road Trip to PEC

    My Night in Nine is a series where we ask some of our friends, collaborators and all-around creatives to show us what a night at The Drake looks like for them in nine photos.

    What do you get when you put two incredible humans in a MINI Countryman for an overnight stay at Drake Motor Inn and let them take a tour of Prince Edward County? One heck of a My Night In 9 series.   

    Photography by Denise Chow + Mary Young

    Meet the drivers.   

    Denise (@Hi_Denise): Denise Chow is a PR professional who lives and works in Toronto. When she’s not walking or training her COVID puppy, Tony, she’s on the hunt for the best croissant and/or taco on every adventure.   

    Mary (@YungBiscotti): Mary Young is an entrepreneur who grew up in a small town but made the move to Toronto over a decade ago to follow her dreams. Outside of her work life, Mary loves to dream up her next getaway with her husband or friends which will help her to disconnect from work and be more present in life’s adventures.   

    The Plan:   

    Visit The Heights, search for some vintage finds, check out the local food scene and of course, Sunday brunch at Drake Devonshire.   

    The Tips:   

    1. Download podcasts/music playlists so you don’t have to use data while driving or if you lose service, the music doesn’t cut out  
    2. Have your route planned! Know the general directions to get to where you’re going, if service cuts out you may get lost  
    3. Pack reusable water bottles so you always stay hydrated and don’t create any excess waste. Also, pack snacks in extra containers so if you get takeout you can store it properly and enjoy it later  
    4. Research where you’re going to see if there are bikes available or other eco-friendly transportation options. The less impact you can have on a place, especially as a tourist, the better   
    5. Have an open mind! Going to new places can be exciting but at times overwhelming, so do your best to keep an open mind and try new things – it’ll make for a road trip you won’t soon forget  


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