Green Scene: Outdoor Art at the Devonshire - The Drake
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    Green Scene: Outdoor Art at the Devonshire

    Fresh growth, vibrant colours, lots to look at — no, we’re not just talking about July + August in the County. In Meta-Variations, Drake Devonshire’s new outdoor art exhibition guest-curated by Ashley Mulvihill, three artists showcase site-specific artworks with exaggerated forms and saturated hues, encouraging thoughtful conversation while celebrating the power of art in the elements. Get out there but before you do, check out the artists and their work below. 


    Body Waves, Jasmine Cardenas

    Using recycled polystyrene, found wood, concrete and house paint, Body Waves utilizes symbols and cutouts to create curving, amorphous shapes that hint at stylized bodies. Inspired by pre-Columbian South American sculptures, Cardenas’ sculptural forms seem to flow and harmonize with the landscape around them.

    Paradox of Choice, Danica Olders

    A walk along the garden path is anything but ordinary in Olders’ installation, which creates the illusion of multiple possible paths to choose from via trompe l’oeil tricks of depth and perspective. We’re also fans of Olders’ clever use of familiar motifs such as moons and flowerpots in the piece, complete with plywood “shadows.”

    Mother Mothra, Kate Hessin

    Hessin’s vividly pigmented moth sculptures reference metamorphosis and growth — even their medium, papercrete, points to the fertile transformation of one material (recycled paper) to another. And look closer: the cheerily whimsical sculptures are beautiful but slightly uncanny, with eyes on wings that seem to follow you through the trees.



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