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    Plant Dads: Green Gifts for Father’s Day

    If you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift alternative to socks, booze or biographies, relax — David King has your back. King, the founder and proprietor of plant shop Promise Supply, has plenty of great ideas for every type of plant dad. (PS: We think a plant-prezzie pairs extremely well with The Drake’s Father’s Day takeout and patio menus, happening at The Drake Hotel, Drake Commissary and Drake Devonshire. Why not treat Dad to both?)  

    Plants for Father’s Day? That’s a hell YES from David King of Promise Supply. “They last forever and only get better over time,” says King. “Our house plants don’t just make our spaces better places — they tend to make us better as humans, too. We’re in the business because of one simple truth: growing green things is good for us. The challenge with gifting plants is making sure you give the right plant to the right person.  ‘Nuff said. Read on to see King’s plant picks for all types of dads and plant dads-to-be. 


    For The Collector Dad  

    Whether he’s a seasoned plant collector or looking to start something fresh, an easy-to-care-for cactus is a great place to start. “After his first cactus, your dad will forget about his stamps, action figures or coin collections,” says King.  

    King’s Picks: 

    “The Firestick Cactus has always sort of reminded me of my dad —  it’s sturdy, unique, low-maintenance and has some flare that peeks out every once in a while.  

     The Golden Barrel Cactus (aka Mother-in-Law’s Cushion) is a true desert plant, best kept in a dry climate and watered infrequently.  

     The Phaeacantha or Desert Purple-Fruited Prickly Pear (try saying that ten times fast!) is winter-hardy. In the wild, it carries edible, fleshy fruits that are red and purple.  

     The Euphorbia Lactea, also known as the Coral Cactus, is the result of grafting one succulent onto the other. (Did your dad ever put you upon his shoulders?) Reece from our team got one for his dad last year, and so far he hasn’t killed it.” 


    For The Dad with Great Ideas 

    Encourage Dad’s brilliance with these plants that are said to bring luck and money to their recipients. 


    King’s Picks: 

    “Old lore says that a man sat at the trunk of a Money Tree and prayed for fortune and prosperity. Then, he realized that the seeds from the tree could cultivate many more trees.  

    In the 16th or 17th century, it became custom to start weaving the stems together to compound on the luck they provide. Over time, this became a popular house plant, partially because it’s only lucky when given as a gift.  

     The Chinese Money Plant tends to propagate easily and replicate quickly. If you have a bunch of siblings, you know your dad will have a lot in common with this plant.  

     The Jade Money Tree comes with a saying: ‘Jade by the door, poor no more.’ Jade’s green leaves love bright sunlight and are representative of the energy of friendship. When given between friends and family, the gift represents well-wishes of long-lasting wealth.” 


    For The Attentive and Caring Dad 

    Appeal to your pop’s nurturing side with these plants that require a little extra attention to thrive.  


    King’s Picks: 

    “We never like to admit it, but we can get a bit cranky with our dads sometimes. So can Calatheas. Calatheas are on the hard-working dad’s sleep schedule, raising their foliage with the sunrise and closing them up again at night. For the dads who are always patient with us, always working hard and have a little extra love to give, a Calathea is a perfect choice.   

     Bonsai, originally a Japanese word, roughly translates to ‘little tree’ or ‘tree in container.’ When given as a gift, a bonsai is intended to bring harmony and means that you trust the recipient. Bonsais take a little extra care, but they’re the perfect gift for dads with a careful and artistic eye and a little time to spare.”  


    For The Newbie Plant Dad  

    Don’t worry if your dad doesn’t have a green thumb — there are plenty of low-maintenance options for him to love. 


    King’s picks: 

    Snake plants are one of the best easy-to-care-for plants you can give. They have a unique adaptation to retain water that releases oxygen at night, so they’re perfect for the bedroom. They can tolerate low light but also thrive on indirect light, and they don’t require frequent watering. I water mine every 15-30 days. My dad waters his every 90 days, which is ridiculous — but it works for him, so what can I say?  

    Another easy plant is the ZZ plant. It tolerates low light and rarely needs to be watered (every 30 days). They can handle neglect — I left one of these in my spare room for 90 days with no light, and it was FINE.   

    When people are looking for a more exciting plant to ignore, I always recommend the Dracaena genus. Whether it’s a Corn Plant, Dragon Tree or Reflexa, these plants offer the perfect combination of size, ease of care and style.” 


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