Recipe: Vanilla Cedar Old Fashioned - The Drake
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    Recipe: Vanilla Cedar Old Fashioned

    Thirsty for something new? Mix things up with this Vanilla Cedar Old Fashioned, made with The Drake’s new cocktail syrups available to take home from The Drake Hotel. You’re welcome.

    Ingredients: water, sugar, charred red wood cedar infusion, pure vanilla, Commissary maple syrup

    1. Combine 2 oz of bourbon, rye or blended whiskey with a ¼ oz of The Drake’s Vanilla Cedar Old Fashioned syrup.
    2. Add 2 drops of cocktail bitters.
    3. Follow up with an orange zest and stir.


    Entertaining for your bubble? Add a bottle from our bottle shop! Pour 6 oz of liquor and 3 oz of our Vanilla Cedar Old Fashioned syrup into a large serving carafe. Add 10 drops of bitters, give it a stir and throw it in your freezer. Instant bottled cocktail, ready to pour over ice. When you’re ready to serve, garnish with an orange zest.


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