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    By Chris Wilson // Head of Music and Culture, Drake Hotel Properties

    The #ONTHERISE series focuses on emerging talent that are on the come up or are on the cusp of becoming that next big star. You will find a wide range of acts that spawn across all musical genres from across the world and of course in our own City of Toronto. My hope is that you will find someone new to support, whether it be through plays on their Spotify account, purchasing a ticket to their show or buying some of their merch. We need to support the acts that are dreaming of a world where they can spend every moment of the day making a living from their craft.

    The artist I want to bring to your attention to this week is KAMAUU.

    A Washington D.C. native living in New York City, my first real interaction with Kamauu was when he opened for Kojey Radical inside the Drake Underground. From the moment we first met at load in, his energy could be felt throughout the entire building. A beautiful soul, a beautiful person that is truly passionate about his work is what I got and felt. His soundcheck might as well have been the show because he set the stage from that very moment. He naturally weaves through different music genres like rap, reggae, and soul as he grabs your attention with thoughtful songwriting for the different moods you are feeling in life.

    To get to know his music, check out his Spotify, and here are my five top song picks:

    1. Jusafayu feat. No Wyld
    2. Gaims
    3. Lavindur
    4. Hey Ya
    5. bamboo


    Here is a video of KAMAUU performing his interpretation of Hey Ya. Take in all of his music and be sure to spread the word if you are liking the vibe.


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