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    Five Questions with Louise Reimer

    Louise Reimer is a west coast born, Toronto based Illustrator. She recently gave our Sky Yard patio a face-lift with her use of flat, bold colours, graphic shapes, and simple patterns in a Marfa, Texas inspired mural. 

    How would you describe your practice in two sentences?

    I’m an illustrator who makes vintage inspired, portrait driven work. I am known for my watercolour textures and depictions of strong women.


    What inspired your freshly painted mural on our Sky Yard?

    Mia Nielsen, the curator from the Drake, sent me a moodboard for a very fun Marfa theme that included terra cotta browns, pine greens, and cactuses. I developed a composition based on that but added lavender, Texan animals, and patterns, because I love working with flat shapes and patterns. Then subconsciously Georgia O’Keeffe and her New Mexico home at Ghost Ranch snuck in and I added a handful of homages to her and that landscape.

    Any fairs or exhibits where we can check out your work this summer?

    I’ll be at Zineland Terrace at TCAF this weekend (I guess edit this out if you’re posting after the weekend) Toronto Art Book Fair July 5-8, Zine Dream in August, and hopefully some fairs in America in the fall.


    Do you have any advice for recent art school graduates?

    Don’t work for free, be nice to everyone, and find some good artist friends who motivate you and hold onto them. Those are the people that will make you feel sane and also will be available to get ice cream on a Tuesday afternoon when everyone else is working.

    And last a fun one – have you ever had a paranormal encounter?

    No! And for that I am grateful because I’m very scared of it happening. I did a residency in the Yukon in a notoriously haunted house, but I asked the ghost to please not bother me, so I guess it worked.

    For more from Louise, check out or @louisereimer

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