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    Amber Mark’s CMW Performance at The Drake Underground (through the eyes of Dayna, the Music Programming Assistant)

    Photo Credit: Maggie Elizabeth for Blare Magazine

    On the Saturday of Canadian Music Week, Amber Mark blessed all of us with her presence on the Drake Underground stage. Amber has undoubtedly been one of my favourite artists of the year. I first came across her music in January when I was scouring the depths of Spotify for some new music (you know, a typical Saturday night). Since then, I’ve been hooked on her unmatched sound, as her music is a carefully crafted blend of soul, pop and R&B with subtle tropical, asian and middle eastern influences. Yeah, she rocks. 

    I looked forward to her show since I started working at The Drake at the end of March. I even flew home early from a New York City trip to see her live, because that’s what die-hards do. 


    Photo Credit: Maggie Elizabeth for Blare Magazine

    Needless to say, her show sold out weeks before the date. Amber appeared on stage wearing Adidas-style joggers and a black lace bodysuit, and glided around like your favourite 90s R&B diva. Her live band was tight and well-rehearsed, and Amber had the stage presence of a musician who’d been in the business for years. She sang the majority of her tracks, from her first 2016 Soundcloud hit “S P A C E” to her brand new EP “Conexiao”, and many in between. She presented herself with remarkable humility, soul, and appreciation for her audience, all while exuding the confidence of a seasoned veteran.

    Don’t sleep on Amber Mark. She is a refreshing breath of talent, beauty, and true artistry. And she took a selfie with me. 

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