5 Questions with Chef Zach - The Drake
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    5 Questions with Chef Zach

    We’ve welcomed Chef Zach Albertsen to the team at The Drake Hotel as Chef de Cuisine, and we need to get to know him a little better. We grilled him (pardon the pun) on what drew him to The Drake, his cooking style, and which food trends he thinks have to go. 

    Why The Drake?

    The Drake is such a staple in Toronto! It’s constantly moving forward, which as a chef and a person I strive for as well! And getting to work with people who believe in that is something I couldn’t turn down!

    Do you have a distinct cooking style + how do you plan to bring your own spin to The Drake Hotel kitchen?

    I’m a big fan of a dish evolving as you continue to eat it. I also like to make deceivingly simple looking dishes – there might not be a lot going on the plate but once you start to eat it, you realize there is a TON of complex flavours and strong technique that went into that dish!

    Who or what is inspiring you in the culinary world right now?

    Chef Sean Brock, Chef Paul Kahan and Chef Gabriella Hamilton have continued to inspire me over the years, everything they cook I just crave to eat! The amount of diversity in the culinary world right now is also extremely inspiring, so many different restaurants, concepts and ingredients, there has never been a better time to be a person who loves food.

    What’s your favourite food-focussed Instagram to follow?

    I find @brothers_toronto has not only the food I want to eat but love their sense of humor on there Instagram page, also @alain_passard how can you not get inspired just by looking at his account!

    Which food trend do you wish would go away?

    Over complicated plates of food and stop putting micro greens on eveeeerything!

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