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Music Monday: PHOX

Posted by Drake, 8 hours, 33 minutes ago

PHOX is blowing up in the music world and we totally get it.

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Music Monday: Any Kind

Posted by Drake, 1 week ago

Any Kind is a band composed of four friends, hailing from Chicago. Their folk-pop music sounds like it comes to them effortlessly, the way a master can make their craft look easy.

Any Kind
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Music Monday: Your Boy Brian

Posted by Drake, 2 weeks ago

Your Boy Brian is our boy too! Feel like dancing the night away? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Your Boy Brian
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Music Monday: Ages and Ages

Posted by Drake, 3 weeks ago

Ages and Ages celebrates their second album, Divisionary.

Ages and Ages
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Music Monday: Hundred Waters

Posted by Drake, 4 weeks ago

Hundred Waters isn't your conventional, run of the mill band.

hundred waters
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Music Monday: A Club Called Rhonda

Posted by Drake, 1 month ago

World Pride is in full swing here at the Drake Hotel and we're so excited for a Club Called Rhonda to bring their polysexual dance party to us!

A Club called rhonda
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