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#DrakeDreams: Ewan Kay

Posted by Drake, 17 hours, 20 minutes ago

Meet Ewan Kay. A musician, producer and all-around creative powerhouse – kicking up tracks both live and recorded while moonlighting at The Drake Hotel.

Ewan Drake Dreams

On the Cusp: Rising Pop Star Michaela May

Posted by Jen McNeely, 5 days, 14 hours ago

Toronto pop songstress Michaela May is breaking away from the biz and doing things her own way with a totally self-funded album.

Michaela May

Drake AV Club: Alison Postma

Posted by Drake, 6 days, 14 hours ago

We love getting inside an artist's head, and there is a lot going on in the beautiful mind of Alison Postma.

Alison Postma

#DrakeDreams: Justin Manning, Assistant Buyer

Posted by Drake, 1 week, 1 day ago

It's not everday you meet a stunning model, discovered in a quaint little cafe with piercing blue eyes and personality that melts the coldest hearts.

justin manning

#DrakeDreams: Alexander Pilon, Property Ambassador

Posted by Drake, 2 weeks, 1 day ago

With a firm belief in the strength of ideas, Alexander Pilon relies heavily on this mantra whether he's writing, connecting with others, or working at Drake Devonshire as Property Ambassador. For this week's #DrakeDreams, we caught up with Alex to talk about his creative process, shared in a couple of his pizza-loving, death-defying stories, and learned of his plans for the future.

Alex Pilon

Drake AV Club: Mike Reynolds

Posted by Jen McNeely, 2 weeks, 4 days ago

Drake AV is a collective for emerging video artists. We've already introduced you to Chloe Brouitt, and now want to invite you into the weird and wonderful mind of AV club member, Mike Reynolds. Getting inside his head is a wild trip that may inspire you to go reexamine your collection of dusty VHS tapes, or take a razor and splice them up.

mike reynolds