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Our Hotel Rooms Got a Drake-Over

Posted by Drake, 2 weeks ago

We’re proud of our ever-changing spaces throughout the years and are excited to share a glimpse of our new hotel rooms with you!

Drake Hotel Boutique Hotel
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Postcards from: Chicago, Illinois

Posted by Aileen Jang, 2 weeks, 4 days ago

Inspired by a couple of her favourite artists, Drake Hotel's Design Intern Aileen Jang flew to the Windy City of Chicago, Illinois for a weekend getaway filled with deep dish pizza + awesome art.

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Rhonda is coming (back) west for another Pride Party Bash

Posted by Drake, 1 month, 1 week ago

She’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue, on the top of every list, inside the places you want to be + she’s the face you always hope to see. All we know is, Rhonda is unescapable!

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Surf the Greats

Posted by Kylie Gionet, 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Typically, when you think of Toronto, you don’t think of a surf scene. But, after recently hosting a pop-up “surf shop” at our DGS stores for the adventure travel and lifestyle brand "Surf the Greats", a particularly faithful Northern surf culture is exactly what we discovered.

Surf the Greats
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Postcards From Marrakech

Posted by Drake, 1 month, 4 weeks ago

Local stylesetter Stefania Yarhi has long trained her eye on the street. Whether its outside the tents of New York Fashion Week or a beach on the coast of Italy, the photographer and writer behind the celebrated Textstyles blog has a stamp-filled passport attesting to her dedicated documentation of international street style.

On June 8, Yarhi will launch Fashion 2.0, a summer talk + mixer series exploring fashion's evolution in the digital world. The first edition will focus on, natch, global street style, and will feature a RSVP Room 222 talk on the very subject with special guests Randi Bergman (Executive Digital Editor of FASHION Magazine), Stephanie Mark (Co-Founder of the Coveteur) and fashion and lifestyle blogger Gracie Carroll. (And since its also the seventh anniversary of Textstyles, a celebration on the Sky Yard.) The monthly event will run in July and August, focusing on e-commerce and the future of fashion blogging, respectively.

Earlier this Spring, Yarhi visited the Moroccan city Marrakech, which may be familiar to any of our guests who have had the chance to visit our much-loved rooftop patio this summer. Below are five snaps from her trip, and commentary on what makes this city such an enduring inspiration.

Stefania Yarhi Morocco Profile Pic
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Drake Devonshire In-Room Spa Services

Posted by Drake, 2 months ago

The Drake Devonshire offers a variety of in-room spa services for hotel guests. Make your Prince Edward County getaway even more relaxing + contact the Drake Dev front desk team to book your appointment!

dev room
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