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The Art of Food with Sara Waxman

Posted by Stephan Petar, 1 day, 6 hours ago

When Sara entered The Drake Hotel Lounge, I knew I was going to consume a wealth of knowledge. Sitting in our booth, I provided a synopsis of the interview. It was to be served as a three course meal - we’d start with her career, followed by the art of food writing and end with a rich and tasty retrospective of Toronto’s food scene.

Waxman 1
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Raw Almond Recap: Chef Matt + Chef Alex stay afloat amid lost ingredients

Posted by Matt Ravenscroft, 2 weeks ago

Drake Catering just launched but Chef Matt Ravenscroft already has an impressive culinary feat under his belt. He assisted The Drake Hotel's Chef de Cuisine Alexandra Feswick in a unique opportunity for this year's RAW:almond event in Winnipeg! Overcoming obstacles as a team and cooking on a frozen river all while decked out in plaid; this is what a #canada150 moment looks like.

Raw Almond - restaurant
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Taste-testing Ivy Knight's Black Coffee + Pie with Patrick McGuire

Posted by Brenna Parker, 2 weeks ago

Black Coffee + Pie is a new series of talks that brings together people from in and around the hospitality industry to shed light on the not-so-obvious aspects of the business. Ivy Knight has curated a list of speakers that will facilitate collaborative conversations between industry professionals of all kinds. The first segment of Black Coffee + Pie with VICE’s Patrick McGuire was SWEET! Find out what you missed and who’s up next on the roster.

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Our Chefs in the News

Posted by Adrienne Friesen, 2 weeks, 4 days ago

There's more to The Drake than brunch! From healthy salads to indulgent treats, see what our culinary team has been cooking up this month.

Treviso salad
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Grow a Pair: Weingut Hirsch x Treviso Salad

Posted by Adrienne Friesen, 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Revealing The Drake’s perfect pairings one post at a time. Next up, Weingut Hirsch x Treviso Salad.

Treviso Salad
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How to Make an Award-Winning Caesar

Posted by Drake, 2 months, 1 week ago

We're not ones to brag, but we will take that pat on the back for NOW Magazine's Reader's Choice Award for BEST CAESAR, 2016.

Drake Caesar NOW Magazine Reader's Choice