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studio visit w/ AKIN artist Kayla Polan

Posted by Stacie Ant, 8 months, 2 weeks ago

"I think my work is meant for perverts and social workers " - AKIN artist Kayla Polan has a unique gift of creating the most pervy looking food in the most stunning way. Her work melds feminism and popular culture to look at contemporary ideas about sexuality, domesticity, queer identity, autobiography, and consumer culture. We went to Akin collective to visit Kayla in her studio.

Kayla Polan

Studio visit with AKIN artist Shanna Van Maurik

Posted by Stacie Ant, 8 months, 3 weeks ago

One of our all time favorite Toronto artists is the pastel princess Shanna Van Maurik.She will be selling her work at the Drake lobby on June 1st as a part of our Akin + Pixel & Bristle pop ups. Shanna's work is as fun as her lipstick collection. Meet the dreamy artist behind the acid washed portraits as we visit her in her studio.

Shanna Van Maurik

A Sneak Peek at Drake Commissary's Opening Exhibition

Posted by Drake Art, 8 months, 3 weeks ago

In the lead up to opening Drake Commissary, we take you behind the scenes for a sneak peek of our opening exhibition Fast Forward featuring Alex McLeod, Camille Jodoin-Eng, Adrian Esparza, Dahae Song, Maxwell N. Burnstein, and poet Kevin Connolly.

Alex McLeod, "Ancient Hills" (2017)

We Heart Art: Venice Biennale Photo Diary

Posted by Mia Nielsen, 8 months, 4 weeks ago

We've got quite the art collection and to give you an inside look on how head curator Mia Nielsen gets inspired, check out her photo diary of her trip to this year's Venice Biennale!

Post Venice Erwin

Shaun Gladwell: Video Art, Skateboarding, Opera and So much More

Posted by Mia Nielsen, 9 months ago

In anticipation of our live performance of Shaun Gladwell's epic video artwork Skateboarders vs Minimalism at The Drake Commissary's June 24th block party, in partnership with Luminato, Mia Nielsen shares a conversation she had with the artist some months ago in London, UK as they began to plan his Toronto takeover.


a chat w/ Pixel & Bristle founder Christopher Rouleau

Posted by Stacie Ant, 9 months ago

Pixel & Bristle is Toronto’s most exciting design & typography market. This summer, we are excited to welcome them to our pop up series, where you can purchase outstanding works from Toronto's most talanted artists and designers!

Pixel and Bristle