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Mind Your Head: Mind Matters and the Importance of Mental Health

Posted by Layla Ahmad, 8 months ago

Mind Matters is a cool series of workshops that explores different aspects of what being mindful means, and what it can do to help you in your day-to-day life. Whether it`s being less stressed, unplugging from the internet, or simply not giving a sh*t, mindfulness can help us all. Here, we talk with Kate Petriw and find out what exactly mindfulness means.

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Drake General Store

Get the Part-Eh Started with Drake General Store

Posted by Layla Ahmad, 8 months, 3 weeks ago

The Drake General Store is all about proudly representing Canada, whether showcasing Canadian artists and brands selected through contests such as All Canadian Maker x Etsy, collaborating with the CBC, or having a collection literally called "Made in Canada." With Canadian roots that started with wanting to showcase the best in Canadian finds, the Drake General Store creates things with Canadian history in mnind. Always honoring Canada's legacy and using it in a fun way, such as turning the Toronto Public Library logo into a must-have shirt, you can always anticipate finding something creative and quirky that you just have to have.


Dear old Drake Dads

Posted by Layla Ahmad, 9 months ago

We asked the dads of the Drake what jokes they're telling their offspring that either keep them rolling on the floor with laugher, or rolling their eyes!!! Happy Dad's Day ya'll!