Meet The Vendors: Artist Pop-Ups @ Drake Commissary

Posted by Madeleine Till, February 14, 2018
Livia Roscioli tote

If you've had the pleasure of dropping in at Drake Commissary for a late Sunday brunch, you may have perused wares from one of our Artist Pop-up vendors. Every Sunday (Feb-April 2018) talented local artists and designers from Pixel & Bristle and Akin Collective set up shop from 12-3pm. Read on to get to know a few of our upcoming vendors and get a preview of the work on offer.

Livia Roscioli

Hand painted textiles by artist Livia Roscioli (@liviaros)

On February 18th, check out work from Italian artist Livia Roscioli. Livia tries "to make peace with this messy world by imagining things from a more fun, open perspective". Meet the artist and bring home a hand painted tote, hat, or sweater OR pick up one of her small scale works like zines and drawings.

You hand paint your clothing items, are these meant to be worn or are they unique works of art?
LIVIA: Both, every single item is unique because hand painted but they can also be worn of course.

Your characters really stand out - how did you develop your drawing style?
LIVIA: I have never been too interested in reproducing things the way we see them with our eyes. Drawing to me is like free association. I never start with a clear idea of what I wanna draw, and just try to let myself do it. Eventually I come up with something relevant for me and I keep drawing or painting it until I'm satisfied. Sometimes thinking of a story inspires me to draw, that's why I like to take inspiration from tales and movies or just my fantasy really.
I used to do a lot of abstract art, and I still do sometimes. I just think that there are different moments in life and different drawing styles for different purposes, depending on what you want to achieve. I like experimenting with a lot of different styles but I find the action of drawing simple shapes and focusing on the colours particularly soothing.

IronPatch 2

Image c/o IronPatch (@ironpatchco)

Drop by on March 25 for designer patches from IronPatch. Born in Toronto, their collections are a "mirror image of the city's diverse culture, fused with traditional art inspirations. Their pieces are here to showcase your identity and to bring out the artist in you".

Where do you find the inspiration for your patches?
IRONPATCH: There’s a lot of work that goes behind every patch. The artwork is inspired by every day life in downtown Toronto. Our city’s diversity and character has allowed us to create cultural iconic figures that we have seen on the streets since childhood, such as our “Maneki-Neko” and “Ganesh” patch. A lot of our patches were also inspired by traditional flash art tattoos, a classic art style that you can find at tattoo shops downtown. All designs are created on Illustrator, and edited/colour graded on Photoshop.

Can you tell me about the items you’ll be bringing to your Drake Commissary pop-up?
IRONPATCH: We will be bringing iron on patches, baseball caps, beanies, and pre-patched vintage clothing.

Raz Latif

"Nexus" by Raz Latif (@razlatif)

On April 8th, Pixel & Bristle Designer Raz Latif wraps up our early spring round of artist pop-ups. Raz is a freelance illustrator and commercial artist. His understanding of composition, colour and texture are brought into his conceptual and portraiture work.

As an illustrator, what do you hope folks take away from your work?
RAZ: I hope participants viewing my work will appreciate how my illustrations are being communicated. Evoking an emotional connection, references to society and culture, curiosity of my process, and a sense of inspiration.

How did you become involved with Pixel & Bristle?
RAZ: I became involved through being a vendor at the Pixel & Bristle Design Market that took place at The Drake Hotel. Had a wonderful time and met many great illustrators and designers!

For a month-by-month schedule of upcoming Artist pop-ups, vist Drake Commissary's Event Calendar.

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