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Nick Chen-Yin

Nick Chen-Yin
Smoke Signals Bar-B-Q

What is your first hockey memory?
Playing house league when I was maybe 6 years old and thinking that the rink was gigantic. I also remember running into a kid from the other team and then stopping mid-game to help him up.

Is there a specific food or dish that you most associate with hockey? A $19 prime rib sandwich. Simply because I'll smash those when I go to games at the ACC. Nostalgically though, I'd say bacon and eggs since that's what I'd always eat after hockey as a kid.

What’s your favourite Hockey term?
Wheel. It's so versatile. You can use it as a way to get your teammates to skate or you can use it to chirp other players. As the great Letterkenny says, "Buddy, you couldn't wheel a tire down a fucking hill."

What’s your favourite chirp?
Buddy, you couldn't wheel a tire down a fucking hill.

Why is the work that Community Food Centres Canada does so important to you?
Because it keeps food democratic. It makes great food available to people of all backgrounds and classes.

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