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Posted by Madeleine Till, January 08, 2018

Did you end your year in the red? Need a little money motivation? Why not kick off 2018 on the right financial foot. We're hosting a brand new series of workshops with Alanna Abramski of The Budget Babes, beginning with Budgeting 101: Getting Your Financial Sh*t Together on January 18th and Investing 101 on February 1st. Read on for the down low on Alanna's workshops and get to know a bit about The Budget Babe herself.

What is The Budget Babes?
The Budget Babes is the name of my Personal Finance blog that I created in January of 2017. I realized that I had a deep understanding of budgeting and investing after saving $20,000 in one year living in Toronto to travel the world for 6 months. And I was able to do this by working and setting up a budget so I knew exactly where all of my money was going. So then I started a blog to help others do the same.


Dream of travelling? Learn to save with The Budget Babes!

Were you always good with money or did you have an “Aha” moment?
I wasn't always good with money. I have been investing since the age of 18 but it was something that my mom "forced" me to do. And I'm so thankful for that. Growing up, I had never created a budget, never thought about where all of my money was going and didn't have a long-term plan. But when I moved from Peterborough to Toronto in 2010 to attend Sports and Event Marketing at George Brown, my "Aha" moment happened when I had NO money leftover at the end of each month and I realized how much more expensive Toronto was than Peterborough. After that, I started to teach myself about investing, and I developed a budget that worked for me so I could pay for school, put money aside into my TFSA, and still have fun in the city without breaking the bank. I learned how to pay myself first, and then have fun after.


Who are your workshops geared towards?
My workshops are geared towards anyone who wants to take control of their personal finances and start to create wealth for short or long-term goals! I've had so many different attendees at my last workshops - teachers, nurses, doctors, servers, musicians, etc. and they're all different ages. If you're unaware of where your money is going, and you need a little bit of guidance, or if you have some money set aside and you want to start to invest (this will be taught in my investing workshop), then this workshop is for you. There are tons of programs out there that charge $100's+ for personal finance programs, but I want to teach the very basics and make it accessible to everyone. It's hard to save if you don't have a plan.

What kind of money habits do you see in the people that come to your class?
The most common habit that I see is that people don't think twice about spending money, and a lot of people don't have an emergency fund or any kind of savings. I'm trying to teach people to take a step back, sit down, and really delve into the nitty-gritty details of your monthly/yearly expenses. There are so many places where people can save money, and it takes a bit of effort and change. But the long-term effects will be worth it in the end.


How soon can people make changes?
Immediately! In my workshop, I'll talk to you about some alternatives that you can do right now to save money over the long-term. It's amazing how many people don't shop around for the best price or don't think twice about the money they're currently spending. And by doing this, it will make a huge change in your personal finances. You have to be ready and willing to make that change though, and I want to help people get into the mindset.

Do we really have an avocado toast to blame for our housing issues?
Definitely not. This boils down to a supply and demand issue. And avocado toast is not to blame. However, I do think that our generation has a somewhat skewed idea surrounding working hard and wanting that immediate "dream". Working towards buying a home takes time and hard work.

Invest in your financial future by attending Alanna's "Get Your Financial Sh*t Together" workshops on January 18th and February 1st.

For more from Alanna, follow her on The Budget Babes blog, Instagram, and Facebook.

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