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Posted by Megan Hilario, December 13, 2017

Underground Records has set up shop in the Drake General Store flagship. We've partnered with our friends from Universal Music to give you a curated record shopping experience! Here you’ll find a varied collection of 12” pressed vinyls of your favourite acts displayed on the walls in a cozy corner of the store. Our music programmer, Iain MacNeil, curated the collection and we sat down and spoke to him about how the shop came to be, and what record collecting is all about.

Why choose Underground Records for the next Drake General Store pop-up?
The plan is for this to be a long-living section of the Drake General Store, not just a pop-up! When the barber shop moved out, the General Store team was brainstorming ideas of what to put in the space. Kate, the marketing manager, came to me with the idea and it's something I’ve wanted to do for a while, so we ran with it! We got to partner with Universal Music Canada which has a great catalogue of releases. It’s been a fun project so far!


What do you consider when curating the selection of albums that are available for purchase?
I tried not to just go with stuff I listen to…I wanted to think of those who shop at the Drake General Store, as well as the Drake brand and wanted to feature some past and present performers in the Underground. It’s a lot harder than I thought it would be…there is so much to choose from.

What are your tips for someone who's starting their record collection and where should they start looking?
Hmm…that’s tough. My personal collection isn’t even close to what I want it to be haha! Make sure you get a quality record player…if you are investing in records, the last thing you want is a cheap player that’s going to ruin your collection. I’m also big on quality speakers too…one of the reasons I listen to vinyl is the “feel” of them. If you have small speakers you lose out on a lot of those qualities.

What are your top 3 recommended records of this collection and why?
Childish Gambino, Awaken, My Love!
I feel like this album was made to be played on vinyl…it has that timeless feel and sound. One of my favourite albums of 2017!

BadBadNotGood, IV
Once again another record that sounds great on wax…this band is one of my favourites to listen to when I’m relaxing at home or blasting through emails at work.

Leif Vollebekk, Twin Solitude
Another album that just sounds good on vinyl. Something you can put on while eating dinner and sets a good mood.

If you've been itching to start your record collection - now's the time, and we have what you need to get started. Listen to the playlist below to get a taste of which records are in shop right now. Make sure to follow @drakeunderground on instagram to stay up to date on shows + happenings in the basement. To view all upcoming shows click here. Happy Listening!

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