How to Build the Perfect Charcuterie Board

Posted by Drake, December 15, 2017
Charcuterie board

Cured meats have always had a special place in our hearts and with the opening of Drake Commissary this year, we've stepped up this specific area of garde manger x1000 and claimed a spot on Blogto's list of best charcuterie plates in Toronto. One special thing about The Drake's charcuterie is that you can take it all home and try to create a charcuterie board for your guests with a selection of prime meats that are completely made in-house. Along with perfectly portioned and sliced charcuterie, the Drake Commissary larder carries everything you need to easily create an impressive spread!

It may seem like a no-brainer but it needs to be said; a good charcuterie plate starts with good charcuterie. "We use the highest quality ingredients," Drake Commissary chef, Jonas Grupiljonas says of the #madefromscratch process, "We treat them in the best possible manner, with attention to detail and with years of knowledge that helps us develop and hone our products." The result is clear every time a charcuterie board goes out at any of the Drake locations or when someone takes some home from the larder. Aromatic and simple, the variety of charcuterie we offer lets you build a plate at home, your way, with as many flavour profiles as you like.

Start with a variety of cuts. A basic charcuterie board can start with the following three types.
1. A whole muscle cut like Lonza. Thinly sliced but full of flavour with little fat.
2. A fattier salami cut gives a different texture. We like our Felino for its course texture but mild spice, letting the taste of the pork and salt shine.
3. A smooth pate completes the trio. With its rich and distinct flavour, our Duck Liver Pâté has become a staple of our charcuterie boards. You can also choose a terrine.

4. Reserve a spot for our housemade pickled veggies. Golden beets, carrots and classic gherkins (small pickles) cleanse the palette so you can taste each type of charcuterie.
5. We like to serve our charcuterie boards with sliced bread which is a must if you have pâte. Commissary Sourdoughs like the country, buckwheat, sesame or whole wheat makes a substantial and welcome addition. Chef Jonas suggests warming up the sourdough breads in the oven at 350ºF for 7-10 minutes before slicing. Our seed crackers are a lighter option.
6. If you really want to go all out, add our Dill-Cured Smoked Salmon for a delightful contrast and colour or Duck Prosciutto (7) for a touch of luxe.
8. A sweet or savoury spread can really punch up a charcuterie board. We like our Drake Commissary Henderson's Best Mustard for the pop of flavour with every grain.

Finally, a personal tip from Corporate Executive Chef Ted Corrado? "Delicately place meat so they look like they fell from the Gods." And that's the secret to a fabulous charctuterie board.

Drake Commissary will be open on New Year's Eve. We're going for a NYE and chill vibe for our first countdown but check out our other locations for an all-out house party experience. We're throwing a Champagne House Party at Drake One Fifty, Drake Devonshire, and of course, The Drake Hotel.

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