Drake the Halls: Holiday Hacks

Posted by Drake, December 04, 2017

Looking for some wintery decor tips? Forget surfing Pinterest, steal some holiday hacks right from our in-house Cultural Technician James Fischer (affectionately known by us as “Fish”). Fish is responsible for building and installing decor and art installations at all Drake properties, and was hard at work this week getting us prepped and set-up for the holidays. Following Head Curator Mia's vision, it's up to Fish to figure out how to make it all a reality. Follow along with Fish’s Do's and Dont's if you’re looking to feel just as festive yourself in a very Drake DIY way!

  1. Don’t bother cluttering your space with holiday junk. Be careful not to go overboard with patterns, colours or clashing designs. Instead pick a minimal colour and design scheme and run with it. You’ll find the end result more impactful and cohesive.

  2. Do sweat the small stuff
    Detail is key! Polish up your handiwork by paying attention to the little things like cleaning up lines, using a ruler, and measuring it out before going in.

  3. Do work with what you’ve got - then guss it up
    If you’re a creative type you’re probably used to hoarding materials for side-projects (we have a storage room full of past decorations). If not, scope out props and materials in unexpected places. Our favourites are the dollar store or hardware shop for cheap wares. Then we use spray paint or glittery tape to make it one of a kind. As Fish says (and very likely done), “You can make a spatula look Christmas-y if you do it up with the right amount of glitter tape.”

  4. Do find yourself an extra set of hands
    Grab a pal that shares your artistic vision! Or just steal your co-worker for a hot minute…

  5. Do expect adjustments “If it doesn’t feel right, don’t be afraid to put an extra 15 minutes of work. If you feel accomplished and proud of your work, then the job is done.” - Fish

Every Drake location has its own distinct flair that changes with every season and with on-going exhibitions, it still manages to transform into something unexpected and delightful for any occasion. Take a look at how we've completely "Draked the halls" this holiday season and imagine your own party taking place!

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