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Montreal duo Heartstreets is comprised of Gab Godon and Emma Beko who met when they were just kids, forming a friendship that turned into a sister-like bond. Gab's smooth vocals paired with Emma's rap style creates a unique sound inspired by 90's R&B with an electric touch. We spoke to Gab and Emma about the meaning behind their music and what makes them tick as a band.

Where do you draw inspirations from when writing and making music?
Emma: From the world we live in and the wide range of emotions we encounter.

What is the songwriting process like within the duo?
Emma: Very different from time to time, but it always ends with both of us going through our different parts together and tweaking it.

What inspired the concept of the “Crawling South” music video?
Gab: The concept was basically the breakup boxes of different individuals who had once been in love. So all the trinquets reminding them of that relationship.

It’s been a year between the release of your EP “You and I” and your new single “Blind”. Do you feel your sound has developed since then, and in what way?
Emma: It has changed in the content, as in our music used to be about how we felt emotionally towards matters of the heart and it’s now about things that are way bigger than you and I, it’s about all of us united ready to face the world.

How did the collaboration with Kaytranada come about?
Gab: Montreal is great city to collaborate with local artists and jam with all types of musicians. We had the chance to meet Kevin though friends and we had a good connection! It seemed natural to work on a project together and it has been an amazing experience.

You guys have a clear 90’s R&B inspired sound, which artist from back then has been that most influential to you and why?
Emma: Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Notorious Big and Big L, because they were the best, to me when I was a teenager. That is all I could listen to for a couple of years. So it has stayed with me since, it’s embedded in me!
Gab: Lauryn Hill, Mary J Blige, Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys... Those ladies are just a small part of my inspirations but I can not live without them!

Is there any artist you're listening to today that you feel is channeling the same type of 90’s R&B sound that you would recommend?
Emma: There’s something about Charlotte Day Wilson’s voice and melodies that brings me back to that smooth rnb, I think SZA plays with it sometimes too.
Gab: I feel like there’s more than we would think but SZA, Mahalia, Jordan Rakei IAMDDB, Jorja Smith, I really like the vibes and the soul behind these artists.

If you could collaborate with any artist or producer today who would it be and why?
Emma: I think I’d like to work with J Cole, he’s one of my favourite rappers by far and I feel like we would vibe on the same beats.
Gab: I would really like to work with a producer like FKJ or Tom Misch! I really enjoy their music and I would definitely vibe on it.

You two have a long history of being childhood friends. Would you say that the longevity of the relationship makes a difference in the way you make music, and operate as a band, and in what way?
Emma: Definitely, after all these years we are like sisters. It’s a ride or die relationship, we have no choice but to deal with whatever comes our way as a team. I would say communication is our biggest strength, that’s because after being close for so long you learn how to communicate with the other person in the best way possible.

Are there any funny tell-worthy stories from childhood about each other you guys care to share?
Gab: Emma and I have known each other for a very long time now and when we were younger, although you would think that’s when we started music, we actually spent a lot of time improvising and filming our improv sessions... We wanted to be actresses! Still do! ;)

From here on out, it's ride or die for Heartstreets, with their emotionally packed lyrics and soulful melodies you don't want to miss them performing live in the Drake Underground on Friday, November 17 @8:30PM_$15 w/ Ryan Playground. Get tickets here.

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