Enter the pit: 86'd Monday Hogtown BBQ Premiere and Competition

Posted by Drake, August 15, 2017

We've seen many a competition come through 86'd Monday with big hits like our most recent Butter Tart Battle, Fried Chicken Battle and Ceviche going down in the history books. For our next battle, a line up down the block is to be expected but with such high steaks, we're excited to see the outcome of this BBQ Battle. To beef up the night's festivities, we're celebrating and screening the premiere of Hogtown BBQ. Before we watch, eat and vote with six of Toronto's top BBQ chefs and pitmasters going head-to-head with their favourite BBQ pork butt + belly preparations we talked to Hogtown host, Chris Patheiger, and the competitors about the 123's and ABC's of B-B-Q.


What is Hogtown BBQ about?
One of the highlights of each episode is we give the viewer a guided tour of the restaurant, insight into what inspires our chefs and peek behind the curtain of how each restaurant makes their signature dish. Toronto is one of the few places on the planet where you can get legit Southern BBQ like smoked beef brisket, spare ribs and pulled pork as well as Jamaican wood-fired jerk chicken with coconut macaroni pie, Korean grilled short ribs in Galbi sauce and Portuguese PIri Piri BBQ chicken. All within a 15 minute drive! Hogtown BBQs is fun and informative, while showing Torontonians the BBQ restaurants, and the city’s best smoky dishes, they need to add to their personal top 10 lists.

What are you excited for audiences to see from this show?
Definitely each restaurants signature dish and how they are made. We also do an in-depth interview with each chef and try to give the audience a look at what makes them tick and inspires them to create. Also, that Toronto really is a BBQ town with a wide array of cultural influences.

What is distinct about Toronto BBQ?
That’s the real question. I don’t have an answer to that but I do have an opinion. :) Toronto doesn’t have a style. It has influences. We are influenced by the cultures that populate our city. American-style BBQ is just one of those elements. There is also Korean, Japanese, Caribbean, Portuguese, Indian and many, many more. What may be distinct about Toronto’s BBQ scene is its lack of distinction :)

What constitutes good BBQ to you?
Good BBQ to me is about food cooked well. The balance between tasting the smoke from the fire it was cooked over while not having it be the main thing you taste. About using seasonings in a way that create some complexity but don’t overwhelm the quality of the meat.

What is a standout memory from filming?
1. Chef Torry from Little Piggy’s Korean BBQ telling me that hot peppers we’re good for a “man’s stamina”. Haha.
2. Katrina from St. Matthew’s BBQ Chicken only giving me one ingredient (salt) in their featured dish because it’s been a family secret for two generations.
3. Chef Alex Rad “made” me drink 6 shots of bourbon by 11am on the day we shot his episode.

Meet a couple of the competitors...

Aidan Galligan, Uncle Smoke
What is your favourite BBQ joint in the entire world and what is your favourite BBQ place in the city?
Gates Bar-B-Q in Kansas city. My favourite in Toronto is Adamson's Barbecue.

What’s your secret to great BBQ?
Patience and repetition :)

What’s an essential BBQ side?
Grilled corn, beer, whiskey, tequila

Scott Fraser, Hogtown Smoke
What is your favourite BBQ joint in the entire world and what is your favourite BBQ place in the city?
WORLD: Franklin's in Austin
TORONTO: Hogtown Smoke, of course.

What’s your secret to great BBQ?
Patience and simplicity.

What’s an essential BBQ side?
Triple B. Bourbon, Beer & Beans.

Get in on the Hogtown action and sample a dish from each of the contenders at 86'd Monday on AUG 21 @ 8PM_FREE! RSVP here.


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