County Up: City Drakers Head to PEC

Posted by Michaela McLeish, July 12, 2017
Dev lunch field trip

The gang sits down for lunch at the Devonshire

Twelve city Drakers do a quick hop on over to the County, and visit Prince Edward County for the day. They stopped at a few trademark County sites, including Vicki's Veggies, Rosehall Run, and of course, Drake Devonshire. Michaela McLeish, new bartender at Drake One Fifty, lets us in on getting used to Drake life and gives us the rundown of The Drake's field trip to PEC.

Wow, Two weeks in and I think I am in love with The Drake!

My first impression was as a lost new employee in the lobby, a server, Neil, noticed me and guessed where I was going, he took care of me, and made sure I found my way. My first Shift was fun, upon meeting everyone I could tell they were quite happy and at ease at work. At the end of my first day, the bar team, Kate and James, bought my lunch because they wanted me to feel welcome; I do!

I love The Drake way of collaboration that inspires all team members to work actively to ensure the ultimate guest experience. So far, it is the best team work I have seen from a Front of House crew. I am encouraged by the level of knowledge the staff maintain of history, art, other Drake properties and all menus and events they offer. Everyone makes the effort to ensure this knowledge is passed onto every guest that enters the building. The Drake training package is fantastic, it’s impressive, very informative, and easy to access on the floor and online. The moment I logged in online as a Drake employee, I read everything available and found an organized trip to The County and The Drake Devonshire. So, of course I signed up!


Yes to new friends at Vicki's Veggies

Twelve of us went on the trip. Since I did not know anyone yet, I thought I would bring my camera to keep me company. I took a ton of photos but I felt right at home with the other Drake employees on the trip, and really enjoyed getting to know them.

The first stop was Vicki’s Veggies where Tim talked to us about the difficulties of organic farming. On our way out we all had a look around their store, I think almost everyone bought a hot sauce! I picked up a bottle Piri Piri which is very tasty, and already half empty!

Lunch at The Drake Devonshire was lovely, the rain held off and we sat in the sun on the back patio with a view of the lake. There was wine, Sangria, cocktails and beer. The food came out quickly and was perfect. You can really see, and feel, the same atmosphere and style across all The Drake properties.

Rosehall Run

Dan from Rosehall Run shows Kris a thing or two about grapes

After lunch we headed to Rosehall Run for a tasting and a tour of the winery. Dan, the wine maker, talked to us about the struggles with unpredictable weather year to year, which makes the growing and harvesting of premium grapes a challenge in Ontario.

The world’s perception of Ontario is a small dot on the map when it comes to wine making. However, our producers have the same love and passion of viticulture when it comes to turning those grapes into something magical and we still offer stellar quality wines. Dan helps put us on the map by producing award winning wines, year after year.

All great farmers have a passion for what they do, it does not matter whether they're raising livestock, vegetables, or grapes. It is that very passion and love that goes into nurturing their prodigies from seed to plate that brings forth a spectacular end result.

Throughout my short time with The Drake, I have learned we all share a similar passion. Which in turn, we care about the guest experience, whether they are sitting for a cocktail after work, having a few snacks with friends, or a romantic dinner for two, we show them the same attention from beginning to end. The overall satisfaction with Drake experience is very important to all of us, in the eyes of a guest and an employee, and I am very proud and happy to be a part of the family!

All photos are by Michaela McLeish.

Vicki's Veggies

Vicki's Veggies

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