An intimate conversation with Jacq the Stripper

Posted by Ivy Knight, July 06, 2017
Jacq the Stripper

Jacq the Stripper is a feminist-activist-comedian-stripper currently touring North America for her bestselling book “Striptastic” and her new cookbook zine “Strippers Are Always Hungry.” The woman Cosmopolitan magazine described as “charisma incarnate, poured into a pair of sky-high heels,” and who has been interviewed by Forbes, VICE, Nylon and Playboy, will be making one stop in the land of her birth. We caught up with her in Nevada to ask a few questions before hosting her Canadian book launch party at the Drake Hotel on July 10th.

How did you go from stripper to comedian to published cookbook author?
I've always been a comedian and writer; stripping is the only thing anyone wants to hear about. The zine about food, “Strippers Are Always Hungry,” came about because strippers are always hungry. I'd be hesitant to call it a "cookbook" though; it's more of a pastiche of whack ass snack ideas from a bunch of babes on the go.

Do you think you've garnered so much interest because pop culture isn't used to hearing from, or listening to, strippers?
Mainstream media is keen to look at sex workers alllllll day but really not interested in hearing what we have to say. It's a pretty garbage situation but here I am making my lemonade and talking about my experiences like the feminist loudmouth stripper I've always been. My success is a testament to the fact that there is a huge market for sluts with opinions.

What is the number one thing you wish everyone knew about strippers? That we are people doing a job, not the butt of some shitty dead hooker joke.

You've been on tour promoting your book all across America, this is the only Canadian stop, as a Canadian girl what are you most looking forward to about your visit to Toronto?
Seeing all of my friends, and loitering at Bellwoods Brewery (my best friend Mallory Bey manages that bar and I like to sit there and harass her). I'm also pretty stoked to knock back several Bloody Caesars.

Have you stripped in Canada and the US? Are there differences?
I only danced in Alberta, and yes it's a lot different because in Alberta it's deemed appropriate to throw loonies and toonies at us.

Who are some of your favourite artists/activists in the sex worker/sex positive community that we should be following?

Kristen Sollee, editrix of and author of Witches, Sluts, Feminists, a book she just brought on tour with me. And Rachel Lena Esterline is the Slut Shaman. She takes glorious photos of strippers. Illustrator Morgan Claire Sirene just released an epic Tarot Deck that's the sluttiest thing I've seen in a long time! Valerie Stunning is one of the most beautiful and swagged out strippers I've ever met in my life and she writes an advice column for rookie strippers called Ask Val.

Join Jacq for a live Q&A as part of Ivy Knight’s Black Coffee + Pie Speaker series on July 10th at 7:30PM, followed by a Striptastic Book Launch Party at 8pm, featuring $5 Jack & Cokes and a complimentary Ketchup Chip Buffet. Sponsored by Jack Daniels.

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