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Posted by Ivy Knight, June 15, 2017

A martini is a classic drink. It always has been in pop culture, from Nick and Nora traipsing through the Thin Man movies sipping lightly as they trade quips and catch killers, to that famed spy with the license to kill and those very specific mixing instructions. Not since the morning coffee has one's personal preference been so exquisitely specific - measurements denoted by poetry rather than jiggers, a whisper of this, a kiss of that. Shaken or stirred there is something about a gin martini that says top shelf, one is in true aficionado territory here. That's why we're super excited to celebrate National Martini Day on June 19th with a very special gin.

Pioneers of the gin revival, Sipsmith was London’s first copper-pot distillery for nearly two hundred years, on a mission to bring back London Dry Gin to the city where it made its name. They are dedicated to the art of traditional small batch distillation and have won over 30 international awards. Featured in the Top Ten global trending gins for the last 4 years, Sipsmith was nominated 2015 Craft Distillery of the Year and Britain’s #1 gin by CoolBrands. We will be celebrating their launch in Canada with Sipsmith co-founder Sam Galsworthy from London, UK. Join him for an evening of Sipsmith story telling, whilst enjoying Sipsmith-inspired canapés and sipping refreshingly crisp gin cocktails. Including this inspired classic from resident bartender Kris Bahamondes which we've named Sam's Night in the 6ix.

cucumber gin

Sam's Night in the 6ix:
2 1/2 oz Sipsmith London Dry Gin
1/2 oz Sake
Bar spoon of pastis
Garnish w/ cucumber slice

Shaken or stirred, martini up your Monday and join us for 86'd @ 8PM_FREE!

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