Dear old Drake Dads

Posted by Layla Ahmad, June 18, 2017

Everyone here at The Drake and all its ensuing properties is running around so much, we don't often have a breather to say "Thx 2 Dad". So this year, recognize your Dad, but hey, also look at a few of our Dads! And their corny jokes! And cool kidz! These dads not only help keep things running smoothly here at The Drake, but keep their own mini-mes happy and smiley, so they deserve a huge thank you.

Jer cheng

Senior Bar Lead - Drake One Fifty. Father of Logan, 14 Months.
Favourite Dad Joke: A guy walks into a bar.... Ouch!

james dad

Sous Chef Drake Devonshire, Father of Isaac and Kalen
Favourite Dad Joke: ~Comedy repetoire was too hilarious to select one singular joke~


Chief Development Officer - The Drake. Father of Christopher, 35 + Rachel, 33.

Favourite Dad Joke: Have you heard about the Restaurant on the Moon?? GREAT food, but NO atmosphere!


Carlo Colacci
Director - Drake General Store. Father of Milo + Serafina
Favourite Dad Joke: It’s easier to tickle my kids if I want to get them to laugh, they aren’t into my jokes yet.


Ted Corrado
Corporate Executive Chef - The Drake. Father of Livia, 9 + Naomi, 6.
Favourite Dad Joke: How does Darth Vadar like his toast? ON THE DARK SIDE.

Ross Dad

Ross Maracle
Cook - Drake Devonshire. Father of Audrey Lenoa Anne, 7.
Favourite Dad Joke: What was Captain Hook's name before he lost his hand? Captain Hand of course!

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