Fjord Escape: Indie Electronic Duo Make their Debut Outside of Quebec

Posted by Drake, June 12, 2017

Indie electronic duo Fjord is made up of longterm jam sesh buds, Thomas Casault and Louis-Étienne Santis. They've nurtured their sound in Quebec's music scene and is ready to take on Toronto in their first show outside of their home province. We talked to them about their album Textures, their favourite bands and what it's like to come from a tight-knit music scene.

How did the band form?
We’ve been playing music together for as long as we’ve been playing music haha. But, Fjord came to exist when we became flatmates sometimes in 2014! We had to leave our electric guitars and drums behind, so the only logical solution for us was to start playing "computer" instead…

Is there a story behind the album name Textures?
It’s a component that you find a little bit everywhere if you dig a little bit deeper into our work. The design of the artwork, some choice of words, through the sound designs and multipe layers of the album as well. When we thought about the process, it seemed pretty obvious that it would be an appropriate name for the album!

What was the process of making Textures like?
We spent a lot of time in our home studio working on demos. We work in a totally collaborative way. We usually start by settling on a viable key progression, and then we build on that quite rapidly; we add percussions, bass, other sounds, according to our inspiration. Then we find the vocal melodies to put on top of the beat, write lyrics, adjust the beat, start all over again and iterate until satisfaction haha… Textures was quite a long process.

Who are your top music influences?
John Lennon, Bjork, Bonobo, Radiohead, Thomas Newman.

What’s your favorite song to play live?

What are you listening to right now?
Jamie XX, SBTRKT, The National, The Japanese House.

What’s your dream city/venue to play?

What was the Textures cover art inspired by?
A mix of northern landscapes, wild coldness, natural elements and obviously, a mix of macro and micro textures.

What's the Quebec music scene like?
There is a lot of extremely talented artists in Quebec, both singing in French and in English. We feel that the scene has come a long way in the recent years since a lot of acts have managed to become super successful internationally. They’re really paving the way for emerging artists!
The Quebec city scene is actually really small. However, it is still really powerful. There is a kind of collaborative spirit from which everyone benefits. In a certain way, being from a small and isolated city pushes us to go deeper, in a more natural way, on everything we create, I think.

This Toronto show is your first one outside of Quebec, What can we expect for this show?
We’re super pumped up about this gig! We’ll be presenting Textures in it’s entirety, with some live embellishing and visuals. We’re accompanied by our great friend and live guitarist Alexandre Pomerleau whose also going to be backing vocals! We might also have surprises, but it would be a shame to spoil them right?

Can’t wait to play!

See Fjord live when they hit the Drake Underground for their first show in Toronto on JUN 15 @ 8PM_$10 with Young Clancy and Jaiden Davis-Jones. Click here for tickets! Follow @drakeundergound on Instagram for a chance to win a pair of tix.

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