Studio Visit with AKIN artist Adria Mirabelli

Posted by Stacie Ant, May 04, 2017
Adria Mirabelli

Adria Mirabelli is a visual artist working in textile. We are excited to see her beautiful work on June 29th at the Drake Hotel lobby and on August 12th at Drake One Fifty.

She is also a part of our upcoming show Earth Angel, presented by Heart On. The show features female identifying visual artists and filmmakers. Join us for an evening of film and art fashioned by a posse of heavenly babes whose work is nothing short of magic.

We visit one of our favorite AKIN artists in her studio to ask her about her work and upcoming shows.

What is your involvement with Heart On and what kind of work can we expect to see at the Earth Angel show on May 22nd?
My sis, Elisia, started Heart On in 2015, which is a Toronto screening series featuring the work of female identifying artists and filmmakers. She birthed Heart On to create an inclusive, enthusiastic and supportive environment to share the work of inspiring women and I help out in any way that I can!
Earth Angel features the work of a handful of amazing artists at our pop-up gallery alongside the presentation of three short films from Refinery29's 'Shatterbox Anthology'. The roster of artists at this event work in a variety of mediums, - spoken word, film, photography, textile, and sculpture so expect a lot of really strong work and a few surprises!

PS- tickets are up for sale now! Grab them in advance here <3

Adria Mirabelli

How would you describe your work and how did you arrive at this style?
I would describe all of my work as drawings and am always thinking about how to push drawing beyond the two-dimensional realm. I'm interested in the act of taking up space, filling space, and creating works that ask to be touched and walked through. Textiles are really interesting because we have such strong connections to them, they clothe us, we are surrounded by them during both our waking and sleeping hours. We relate to cloth in a really beautiful way and I enjoy creating relationships between the structure of a drawing and that of a textile. I see drawing as a personal and meditative act and use it as a way of exploring very personal narratives.
I started experimenting with textiles at OCAD while finishing my degree in Drawing and Painting. I was taking a bunch of classes in fibre and drawing and began experimenting and making connections between both worlds. Many of my drawings function as patterns, whereby they can repeat infinitely. I often work with concepts of longing, loss, and nostalgia in my work and feel there is something beautiful about creating drawings that have the potential to continue on forever. Conceptually I see this as a way of archiving, preserving, and giving life to otherwise intangible and fleeting things.

Adria Mirabelli

What inspires you? Where do you come up with your ideas?
I'm inspired by nature and the beauty in the design of flowers and plants. I often use florals as a metaphor in my drawings, and never stop being amazed by their complexity. My favourite artists are Tracey Emin, Sophie Calle, Petra Cortright, Travess Smalley, Eva Hesse and Sol LeWitt. The friendship between Eva and Sol warms my heart and I love reading the letters they exchanged whenever I need to feel inspired to keep making things. People inspire me, the relationships we have with each other, how incredibly complicated and simple we are. I really enjoy reading poetry and personal essays. The things that exist that make us all feel less alone and more connected on this planet.

What kind of work can we expect to see during your pop up at The Drake?
I'll be selling digitally printed silk scarves featuring a selection of my drawings. They're large enough that you can wrap them around you or put up on your walls! I also will be selling framed collages and framed hand cut drawings.

What's next?
I'm currently exploring materials new to my practice such as metal, denim, plastic and ceramics. I'll be continuing to work with drawing and textiles and want to push myself to create more ambitious projects and installations this year!

Adria Mirabelli

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