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Posted by Drake, May 02, 2017
Veg salad dev

Drake Devonshire Spring Menu: Warm Dandelion Caesar w/ House-made Croutons

It's no secret that we're fans of reinventing ourselves. Whether it's with the art on the walls or what's on our plate, we like to switch it up and keep things fresh. At the root of every change, one thing remains the same: No matter how many hats we wear, The Drake will always be The Drake. From Drake Devonshire in the County, to Drake One Fifty in the Financial District and back to where it all started at The Drake Hotel, our commitment to fresh food makes it easy to evolve with the seasons and with the opening of the new Drake Commissary, we've got this thing on lock.

We bake, cure, smoke, ferment, pickle and churn. That means all of our breads, pastas, sauces, pickles, charcuterie are made in house. Our bakers start their day at 4AM to make sure every property has fresh bread and pastry items like our scones for even the earliest early bird.

"It's important that we make all of the things ourselves because it really allows us to have pride and confidence in every item we serve," says Jonas Grupiljonas, head baker. "We know the origin of every item, we can attest to its freshness and flavour and know that nothing is added that isn’t part of our healthful approach to making food."

Pan Seared Smelt

The Drake Hotel Spring Menu: Pan Seared Smelt

"When you source where your food comes from and keep in touch with the farmers and producers who are cultivating what’s in your cooler and pantry, it’s much easier to become inspired and excited about the food you’re creating," says The Drake Hotel's Chef De Cuisine, Alexandra Feswick. "As all the plants around us come back to life for the spring and summer, it makes me want to bring that same vibrancy to the plates that I create for the Hotel."

New on our spring menu at The Drake Hotel (and Chef Alexandra's personal favourite) is the Pan Seared Smelt with avocado, eggplant, fig, mint + sesame. Sprinkled with pistachio and edible petals, it is all thoughtfully placed on top of fresh challah from the Drake Commissary.

"I love that we get to push our commitment to elevate comfort classics, make healthy food that tastes indulgent and use the best quality seasonal, local ingredients as much as possible," says Executive Corporate Chef Ted Corrado.

Gem salad

Drake One Fifty Spring Menu: Gem Salad

Spring 2017 table

The Drake Hotel Spring Menu: Wedge Salad, Grilled Smelt + Rabbit Stew

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