a chat w/ Pixel & Bristle founder Christopher Rouleau

Posted by Stacie Ant, May 24, 2017
Pixel and Bristle

Pixel & Bristle is Toronto’s most exciting design & typography market. They bring together the work of Toronto’s most exceptional designers, illustrators, typographers and makers. P&B showcases a diverse range of professional goods and products, including: prints, cards, gifts, signage, coasters, wall art, mobiles, bags, banners, textiles, mugs, enamel pins, patches, buttons, stickers, objects ephemera and limited edition art. This summer, we are excited to welcome them to the Drake Hotel and Drake One Fifty to parttake in our pop up series, where you can purchase outstanding works from Toronto's coolest vendors!

Meet Christopher Rouleau, the founder of Pixel & Bristle.

Why did you form P&B?
We three founders all participate in local markets and craft fairs, and we noticed that despite the growing interest in typography, there was no market that specifically highlighting type and lettering. We decided to join forces to fill that gap.

Pixel and Bristle

Works by Natalie Very B

What was your own experience like as a designer and an artist?
I have been creating retail prints and cards for the last five or six years, and have become more in tune with the makers movement. It is vital to support local artists, and important to create positive spaces for this type of commerce to thrive.

Pixel and Bristle

Works by Kaley Flowers

What inspired you to curate these design markets and what are you hoping to achieve?
I am also one of the co-founders of Ligatures, Toronto's typography hub, and I am constantly inspired by the work of local artists. We have world-class talent in our city, and many artists who are looking for ways to make their work commercially viable. With our low vendor rates, Pixel & Bristle is a perfect opportunity for folks to test the waters with new work.

Pixel and Bristle

At its core, P&B is about community. We want to empower local creatives to produce their best work, and connect them with local resources (printers, manufacturers, etc.) and an enthusiastic audience. With a little bit of administration and promotion, there is the potential for great things.

Pixel and Bristle

Check out the Pixel & Bristle pop-ups at The Drake Hotel and Drake One Fifty!

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