Top 5 exhibits to look forward to in March

Posted by Stacie Ant, March 07, 2017

The Drake Art blog brings you up to date with our selection of top 5 most exciting exhibits of the month; consisting of emerging artists who are doing interesting stuff in Toronto and internationally recognized artists whose work represents contemporary art globally.

Jon Rafman, solo exhibit
Jan 28- May 27

If you haven’t checked out the exhibit at Arsenal- we strongly suggest you do so. Jon Rafman, Montreal based artist, explores the feeling of loneliness and isolation in a modern, digital world through engaging and ironic work. Haunting yet humorous, Rafman’s multi- media art reveals ways in which advertising and consumerism shape our interpretation of reality.

Check out Arsenal gallery here.

Trinity Square Video
Alison Postma
March 15- 21

Hotel is an installation that examines the space of a hotel room as a stand-in for the familiar space of a home. The hotel room is a place stuck between the familiar and the strange—meant to be both welcoming and comfortable, it is actually standardized and sterile. In Hotel, the effects of existing in this in-between space are explored through physically incarnating both the dreams and the nightmares that such a space can produce.

Click here for more information.

Art Gallery of Mississauga
Ken Lum
A Matter of Life and Death
March 2nd – April 16

AGM presents the works of a Chinese-Canadian visual artist Ken Lum, whose work makes a part of the Drake’s permanent art collection. Notable for his text based work, Lum explores the notions of identity and inner truths through writing, stories, and obituaries. To get the most out of this experience, visit the gallery on March 12th, to meet the curator Kendra Ainsworth.

Click here to learn more about the exhibit.

McLuhan Salon: The Digital Unconscious in Videodrome and Beyond
March 8, 7-10 pm

Prior to our Canada on Screen presentation of David Cronenberg’s Videodrome, visual artist Catherine Richards and film and media scholar Alanna Thain join moderator Janine Marchessault for an extended introduction to the film. Part of the McLuhan Salon series, the conversation will explore techno surrealism, which seeks to draw out the prescient aspects of the film — including surveillance, mediatic augmentation, hacking, the continuity between culture and nature — thereby creating connections between Cronenberg’s masterpiece, Marshall McLuhan, and our 21st-century reality. This event is co-presented with TIFF.

Click here for more information.

White House Studio Project
Celebrity Worship , group show
March 30th, 6-11 pm

White House Studio Projects is a multi platform artist run centre originated in 2008. The space was converted into a gallery and studio spaces by a group of artists who bought out what used to be a large house located in Kensington Market. Now this space aims to support and nurture emerging artists working in all mediums.
GLOBALOID3000 is a collective consisting of multi disciplinary artists Stacie Ant, Kevin Holliday, Paulina Wiszowata, Alexandra Dumais, Keenan Marr Tamblyn, and Yovska.
Curated by Stacie Ant, Celebrity Worship explores the evolution of our collective unconscious in a day where the celebrity is put on a pedestal through the use of easy- access technology.

This is a one night only exhibit, so join GLOBALOID3000 for a night of performance and video installation at 6 pm.

Click here to see the facebook event.

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