Posted by Drake, February 03, 2017
Anthony Walsh

Photo by Nick Wong

Anthony Walsh
Oliver & Bonacini Restaurant Group
Habs fan

What is your first hockey memory?
The first time I played in a “real” uniform, I was eight or nine, matching socks, the whole bit! I felt pretty special. That same year, My father took me to my first NHL game at the Real Forum in Montreal. The first time the new Vancouver Canucks played the Habs… Unfortunately, we lost. It was ok though as I was assured that the Habs are the Habs… The Canucks will always be just the Canucks.

Best hockey food?
Hot Dog Steamé is the king of Hockey food. Dat's it, Dat's all.
Montreal Pool Room before and after the game or practice.

Why are you taking time off to play in this game?
It's something the chef community has always kicked around, now it's becoming a reality. Coupling it with supporting Community Food Centres Canada just makes it that much more special...hopefully the start of a great tradition.
I am playing for the Montreal team as I am in the process of opening a place there (Bar George at Mount Stephen) and I am a proud Montrealer… also, I think the team there is very very strong… so they can afford an albatross like me.

Tell us why the charity sponsor, Community Food Centres Canada, is important to you?
Any extra light that can be shed on the topic and awareness of food security is a great thing. While food security is a pretty straightforward concept, the general public and our industry always needs a nudge to reconnect with it. We need food to be accessible for all.

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