Grow a Pair: The Grange Gamay x Whole Sea Bream

Posted by Adrienne Friesen, February 28, 2017

Even though this winter has been pretty mild in Ontario, it’s definitely still chilly at times, and that means all I want for dinner is comfort food (ie melty, cheesy carbs). However I try not to get stuck in a rut of eating mac and cheese for every meal and instead include some vegetables and protein. That’s why I love fish dishes like Chef Michael Portigal’s Whole Sea Bream on Drake Devonshire’s winter menu. It’s hearty, warm, and flavourful in the best way, but you won’t feel like hibernating after eating it.

Here’s the catch: white wine is the obvious, traditional pairing with white fish but in winter many of us want to cozy up under an HBC blanket with a glass of red. Fear not! You can pair red wine with fish dishes easily. The trick is to find a lighter bodied red wine where the tannins and body won’t overwhelm the fish. Gamay is a perfect example of a high acid style with a lighter body, which means that it is refreshing and crisp despite being a red wine.

The gamay offered at Drake Devonshire is from The Grange of Prince Edward Vineyards and Estate Winery, which is a family-run winery helmed by Caroline Granger. It’s located just a quick 13 minute drive from the Devonshire and can also be visited on the Hop on PEC bus route. The estate is beyond picturesque and has been a working farm for two hundred years. They produce only 100% estate grown and made wines and grow 7 varietals on 60 acres. Gamay is well-suited to Prince Edward County as it can thrive in a cooler climate and maintain its freshness.

Gamay is also a great choice when you have a meal that has both fish and meat. You’re having the sea bream but your date is having steak? Split the bottle and you’ll both be pleased. Cool-climate gamay also often has mineral (rocky) and earthy notes that will pair nicely with root vegetables that are available in winter, like the sea bream, which served with sunchokes, horseradish, and chamomile.

Bottom line: red wine and fish can be bff’s!

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The Grange of Prince Edward is distributed by the winery itself and through limited releases at the LCBO. Follow them on Instagram @grangewinery.

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