The Drake's Do's and Don'ts of Tinder Dates

Posted by Drake, January 25, 2017
Drake Tinder

Tonight, Tinder Tales does the Drake, and with the show already sold out and everybody abuzz, it got us thinking about the Tinder dates we've witnessed. Although there was some division between whether or not going for coffee was a good date idea: "Coffee is for friendship and repairing relationships." vs "It's a good way to meet someone for the first time." and the debate of who pays getting tabled, we managed to come up with a list of essential Do's and Don'ts that Drakers can agree on. So heed our advice. Or don't. We'll never spill but the same may not be said about your date.

Do take into consideration what's going on at the venue before you decide to go there for a date
Your date might think you're trying to drop hints if you take them on a date during Highchair Hangouts.

Don't try to play it cool by being 5 minutes late
Being fashionably late is so passé.

Do decide on your greeting and stick to it
The only thing worse than a weak handshake is a fumbled hug.

Don't be on your phone
Not even when you're waiting for your date to arrive.

Don't talk about your ex
Come on now.

Do take turns buying rounds
It's just the right thing to do.

Do offer to share or order sharing plates
But don't you dare eat off of someone else's plate if they haven't offered.

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