Pre-Barn Burner Ice Breaker w/ John Horne

Posted by Drake, January 31, 2017

John Horne
Leafs fan

What is your first hockey memory?
My first hockey memory has to be playing on a backyard rink with my best friend (sadly he is a Habs fan). The moment we got home from school we would hit the ice and skate all night, barely able to see the puck in the dark, only stopping to eat or when our feet got too frozen—these were quick breaks.
Saturday nights were the best, Hockey Night in Canada!! I usually got sent to bed long before the Leafs game was over but I would sneak out and hide behind the couch to watch Gretzky and Messier play the late game only getting busted when I would cheer or happen to fall asleep on the floor and my father would put me to bed with my jersey on.

What food or dish do you most associate with hockey?
At home, my mom’s fresh bread with butter. She would call us in when it came out of the oven, and we would come into the kitchen with our skates on, grab a slice and a hot chocolate and head back out to try and score the Stanley Cup winning goal.
At the arena, fries and gravy all the way.

Why are you taking time off, during ‘Licious no less, to take part in this game?
There is a deep-rooted rivalry between Montreal and Toronto... and chefs, as you know, are very competitive. It will be great to see everyone together for fun and a good cause.

Tell us why the charity sponsor, Community Food Centres Canada, is important to you?
Food security starts with knowledge and CFCC creates an environment of learning from seed to plate while producing healthy food for people in need. That approach makes a lot of sense to me, coming as I do from a family of farmers.

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