Grow a Pair: Weingut Hirsch x Treviso Salad

Posted by Adrienne Friesen, January 11, 2017
Treviso Salad

“Everything in moderation” is my life motto. If you’re like me and try to balance your love of wine and cheese by eating a vegetable every now and again, then this pairing is for you. Throughout my career, I’ve often found myself out for a business lunch face with the prospect of choosing between a heavy fried dish that will leave me sluggish in the afternoon or a sad salad that just doesn’t satisfy. Luckily with Drake One Fifty’s fall menu, they’ve packed in lots of dishes that check both the healthy and delicious boxes.

However it can often be tricky to pair a wine with vegetable-forward dishes and salads since many red wines will overwhelm the food and many whites will leave the salad tasting like vinegar. That’s where Gruner Veltliner (groo-ner velt-lee-ner) comes in to save the day. Gruner is an Austrian white wine that is known for its notes of white pepper, arugula, and grapefruit. It’s what I would call more of a savoury white wine, which is still refreshing in winter without tasting like a fruit basket.


This Gruner is produced in the typical dry, high acid style, which means that it is refreshing and crisp. It pairs perfectly with the treviso salad, which is a seasonal mix of baby kale, slow roasted carrots, mushrooms, apple, shallots, pumpkin seeds, and maple mustard vinaigrette over treviso, a longer, thinner version of tight-headed radicchio. The salad has many competing flavors in it from sweet to savoury to tangy, and the Gruner’s unique notes can match with each of those. The acid is high enough that the wine won’t taste flat after taking a bite of the salad. The alcohol level punches in at 13% - enough to be warming but light enough for a lunch.

So next time you’re looking for a wine to pair with your veggies, give Gruner Veltliner a shot!

To learn more about Johannes and his wines, check out his interview on Levi Dalton’s popular podcast “I’ll Drink to That!”

The Weingut Hirsch is distributed by Rogers & Company in Ontario.

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