@THEDRAKEART: Officially on Instagram

Posted by Ashley Mulvihill , January 27, 2017
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@thedrakeart has LAUNCHED -

“I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.” - Vincent van Gogh

While we don't have any van Gogh's in the collection (yet?!), we completely relate to this feeling. Drake Art is in it. We're really in it.

We are incredibly lucky in that we get to work with brilliant and creative artists on many projects, across many mediums. As we discussed the idea of starting an independent Drake Art instagram to feature the artists and institutions we've collaborated with and projects we've developed, we realized how much has happened within these walls since the Drake opened almost 13 years ago.

We're in constant awe of the creatives we've partnered with and by curating our permanent art collection, rotating exhibitions, performances, off-site adventures and daily inspiration through many tiny little squares all in one spot, we hope to show the breadth of our programming and highlight the artists that inspire us to do what we do.

Instagram is a tool for exploration, inspiration, documentation and one we use everyday to stay informed on what's happening locally and across the globe within the cultural community.

We're excited to share the world of Drake Art and participate in this visual exhange. Be sure to follow us @thedrakeart !

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