Pre-Barn Burner Hockey ICE BREAKER with Chuck Hughes

Posted by Ivy Knight, January 16, 2017

The first chef we spoke to about this hockey game was Chuck Hughes. He and I talked about it when we were driving from the Halifax airport to Wolfville, NS for the Devour Food Film Festival in the fall of 2014. He said he definitely wanted to be part of it so I put him on the list, and (The Drake Corporate Executive Chef) Teddy C. also had him at the top of his. Well, it took awhile to set it all up, but here we are, just a few weeks away from a real barn burner. I spoke to Chuck about why he is taking the time to be part of this epic game.

Here is the first in a series of interviews with the chefs who’ll be playing in The Drake Barn Burner Hockey Game: Toronto Vs. Montreal Chefs on Feb. 4.

Chuck Hughes
Garde Manger, Le Bremner
Habs fan

First hockey memory?

I grew up in the Laurentians, there was really no organized hockey so we would just play outside and have fun. We moved to Montreal when I was 12 and I started playing on a team. My coach explained what offside was but I didn’t understand. I just said “Yeah yeah, I got it coach.” So for the first three weeks they kept blowing the whistle on me for offside. I had no idea what it was.

What is the dish you most associate with hockey?

When I was a kid, we’d come in from outside and we’d have French onion soup. That was the best. Oh and hot chocolate for sure.

Why are you making time in your busy schedule to play in this event?

I like playing hockey more than anything. To this day it’s my favourite thing. I play 3-4 times a week.

Community Food Centres Canada works to improve the health and well-being of low-income Canadians through the power of food. Can you say a few words about why this is important?

In this industry we make our living with food and we cater to the upper crust, to people who have a disposable income. So it’s important to also think about people who have problems just surviving and eating right. Hopefully we raise a lot of money to get good food to Canadians who need it most. Nick Saul (President and CEO of Community Food Centres Canada) is amazing and he’s always pushing, I’m excited to be part of this game, to help raise money and have a good time.

See which Montreal + Toronto Chefs are worth their salt on the ice. Tickets for The Drake Barn Burner Hockey Game on Feb. 4 @ Essroc Arena in Prince Edward County are on sale, here and includes not-so-average concessions by the chefs and participating restaurants.
After the game, the chefs will trade their skates back in for their chef whites so they can do what they do best. Join us for a post-game strolling dinner with Chef designed stations and Lot. 40 cocktails by the fire, ice cold Moosehead Lager, Norman Hardie + Rosehall Run wines + more! Tickets for The Drake Barn Burner Post-Game Dinner at Drake Devonshire are on sale here.

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