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Posted by Drake, December 29, 2016

For years, The Drake's annual 5 day mini fest has been the best solution for Chrimbo Limbo; the time between Christmas and New Years when you don't quite know what day it is or what to do with yourself. The Drake Underground is the place to discover your favourite new band before they're on everyone's radar year-round but for boxing week, we're giving you 5 acts, in 5 days for only 5 bucks. This year we have rising star and rap original, Devontée. Coming up with his own sound and putting a spin on those familiar notes is his specialty. The P. Reign and Joey Bada$$ collaborator has a knack for predicting big things, so for your 2017 forecast, we asked Devontée what's good and what's next.

You give No Frills a shout out on your song, Hunger Pains, and there are shots of you at a No Frills in the video. How important is it to you to talk about where you came from and name those places in your lyrics and your videos?
I used to shop at that No Frills, my dad used to shop at that No Frills, my closest friends still shops there at times aha. Majority of things I know is from what I’ve experienced and the purpose of my music is to share my experiences to help others get through theirs.


What are you looking forward to playing this show?

I went to a little party at the Drake one time with my friend Julian Cruz a long time ago but we got there 15 minutes before it was closed so the party was winding down. So I’m really looking froward to seeing this event, all lively and I'll be there for the whole show this time so I get to enjoy the full party experience at The Drake.

Where do you like to go in the city that tourists or even most Torontonians wouldn't know about?
I love nature walks so my nature walk spot would be Tommy Thompson Park. It has an amazing view at the end of it by the light house of the whole city and GTA. My favourite place to eat would have to be Square Boys on the Danforth (get the half chicken dinner with greek salad and feta fries.)

You use the phrase "woes" a lot and even used "Star Boy" before The Weeknd. What's the next big thing you predict for 2017?
"Protected By My Purpose," and "Woerrior." Let's just say they have to do with new vibes from me to the world.

See Devontée live, DEC. 29 @ 8PM_$5.

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