How to Make an Award-Winning Caesar

Posted by Drake, December 14, 2016

Drake Caesar NOW Magazine Reader's Choice

We're not ones to brag, but we will take that pat on the back for NOW Magazine's Reader's Choice Award for BEST CAESAR, 2016. While some may adorn their Caesars with any variety of mini-burgers, oversized pepperoni, crustaceans + slices of pizza, we pride ourselves on being purists, bringing a no-nonsense, delicious Caesar to the people on the regular. The Drake Hotel's Head Bartender + Cocktail Ambassador, Gord Hannah will show you how it's done with all the right ingredients, and a perfectly-paired brunch.

Drake Caesar NOW Magazine Reader's Choice

What makes a good Caesar?

The key to any cocktail is balance. Everyone wants their Caesar a little different. A good Caesar is one that begins with a solid flavour base before you even begin thinking about heat or garnish. At the end of the day, Caesars are like pizza, it’s very hard to make a bad one but when you find a great one, it’s a game changer.

What's makes the Drake Caesar different? What makes it the best?

The Caesar is a simple drink that is dependent on quality ingredients. We simply put together an "All Star Team". Absolut vodka provides the kick, Mott's Clamato provides that classic Caesar base, and a little lime and horseradish provide some depth of flavor. If we had a secret weapon, it would be Carrol & Co bloody mix, a local artisanal blend made by Jeff Carrol. Jeff's spice base is what takes our Caesar to new heights.

Whose recipe is it? How long has it been around?

The Drake Caesar has been on the menu since day one. It is a classic cocktail and has undergone many subtle changes over the years. With this most recent recipe, we think we have finally perfected our take on the Caesar. Instead of resting on our laurels, the Drake Bar team has begun developing new variations like our Gin + Cucumber Caesar or the Tequila + Cilantro Caesar.

Drake Caesar NOW Magazine Reader's Choice

Why is the Caesar a brunch staple?

The Caesar was invented in Calgary in 1969 by restaurateur, Walter Chey. This Canadian version of a Bloody Mary, quickly became a notoriously delicious cure for hangovers. The unique rise in the Caesar's popularity as a Sunday morning curative may be due in part to Canada's second most famous alcohol innovation; The Shooter.

What menu items would you pair a Caesar with?

The Caesar for me is the first course in brunch. It is what you order while you are looking at the menu. After that, the second course could be our infamous chicken + waffles, Eggs Benny, the classic Drake breakfast or even... another Caesar. Once you move to food, it’s time to meet the Caesar's partner in crime, the Mimosa!

Drake Caesar NOW Magazine Reader's Choice

How to crush a Caesar like The Drake:

2 oz. Absolut vodka
1 oz. Carroll & Co. spice mix
.5 oz. fresh lime juice
.5 tsp fresh horseradish
4 shakes black pepper
clamato juice

Build in a celery salt-rimmed pub glass, and garnish with a lime wedge + olive skewer.

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