What's in the box 2016

Posted by Drake, November 29, 2016

We're putting 'festival' back into the season with our very own Boxing Week mini music fest! What's in the Box is back and it's the perfect cure to your mid-holiday hump. We're keeping it chill with 5 acts over 5 nights for only 5 bucks to keep your pocketbook in check.

What's In The Box 2016

DEC. 26 - Knockout Comedy Showcase

Hosted by Foad HP, featuring Leonard Chan, Carol Zoccoli, with headliner Darryl Purvis.


Be your own headliner for the night and join Practice on stage. It's a live jam session where creatives can gather and make some magic in the moment.


Bedroomer is a collective of producers who are not only responsible for that ear worm that you can't and don't want to get rid of but also putting together your favourite experiential art parties. We're giving them full reign for one night and you won't want to miss it.


When Devontée isn't rapping over his own beats, he's producing beats for other names like P Reign. See him do his thing live in the Drake Underground before everyone starts comparing him to Drake.


Bambii is the next big thing on Toronto's DJ scene. Known for her subversive sound and wild dance parties, she's bringing Bambii's Jerk to the Drake Underground.

A limited number of All Access Passes are available online. Includes VIP wristband that grants access to each show and a $25 gift card toward food + drink!

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