Winter Eleven: Artist Residencies @ The Drake Devonshire

Posted by Ashley Mulvihill , October 18, 2016
Team Macho - 8 Ball, 2014

Team Macho - 8 Ball, 2014

Summer is over, winter is around the bend and this means but one thing - Artist Residency season at the Drake Devonshire is upon us.

This is a time of year when we as a curatorial team, both art and music, get to sit down and brainstorm the big ideas. Whose practice have we been following closely? Who would be the dream artist to collaborate with? What recent projects have most inspired us? Painters, choreographers, video artists, poets, singer/song writers, sculptors, authors and more are explored, landing on a few - we invite them to take a sojourn with us in Prince Edward County, completely free to experiment.

Brandon Dalmer - The Truth Is Over There, 2015 (Film Still Courtesy of Brandon Dalmer,

Brandon Dalmer - The Truth Is Over There, 2015 (Film Still Courtesy of Brandon Dalmer,

While there are dozens of formats for residencies across the globe, The Drake Devonshire residency is about the individual. There are no classes or group sessions, we host one artist at a time, providing them the opportunity to step back from life's many distractions and focus purely on their craft. Time to reflect, time to process, time to create and craft in a new, peaceful environment.

Henry Miller once said, “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” Progress, in any area, is achieved by finding new perspectives and pushing those boundaries. We value this process, adhere to it ourselves, encourage exploration and eagerly anticipate the new work the artists in residence will create.

Ness Lee - Go to the Light (Courtesy of Ness Lee,

Ness Lee - Go to the Light (Courtesy of Ness Lee,

This year, thus far confirmed:

Team Macho (not to be missed: Take Home Team Macho!)
Brandon Dalmer
Gustavo Prado
Ness Lee
Alex McLeod

With eight more to be officially locked down we can share that they include musicians, a contemporary dance chorographer and an acclaimed author. The opportunity to connect and support such a wide variety of creative talent, while enriching the fabric of our cultural community, is genuinely one of the most exciting parts (for me!) of our art program.

We're lucky to have an incredibly diverse collection of artists joining us this winter, with a myriad of experiences and perspectives to share. So, stay tuned for our Drake Devonshire Artist Residency updates + learn all there is to know about our Winter Eleven.

Gustavo Prado - Daphne's Eyes, 2016 (Courtesy of Gustavo Prado,

Gustavo Prado - Daphne's Eyes, 2016

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