How to identify an islander with Ivy Knight

Posted by Stephan Petar, October 14, 2016

This week 86’d Monday is taking a trip to PEI in honour of our fabulous host Ivy Knight, who is launching her new book You Know You’re An Islander When..., based on a blog post published in 2014. With deep fried clams, crinkle cut fries, ice cold Alpine Lager and the boys from Just Passing Through co-hosting and giving away some awesome swag, you’ll be an certified Islander by the end of the night.

So how do you know if you’re an Islander? There are many indicators. Ask yourself the following:

• Did you cry when Stompin’ Tom died?
• Were you born knowing how to break down a lobster?
• Do you visit a bootlegger regularly?
• Do you bawl during the Anne of Green Gables movie when…well I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen the movie, but if you can finish that question then you are most likely an Islander!

In honour of the book launch we caught up with Ivy Knight and chatted about the book, similarities between Islanders and Torontonians and how you need to sleep with a lobster fisherman.

Book Page 1

You posted "You Know You’re an Islander When…" on your website back in 2014. What was the process like converting that online piece into a book?

At first I couldn't see how it would translate to a book. Initially it was just a list of quirks about PEI - how could that become a book?

Then my husband Kerry Knight, who ended up doing the photos for the book, suggested something along the lines of the Jack Handey Deep Thoughts and with that format in mind we were on our way.

What are the top three traits of an Islander?

All Islanders are great storytellers. We have no one outside of The Island telling our stories unlike Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and other places that are always in the news and on people's radars. PEI often gets ignored, so we make our own fun.

Also, islanders rock the craziest, most over the top prom dresses you'll ever see and we love love love deep fried clams.

Book Page 2

What is the one thing every person should do when in PEI?

Order deep fried clams at the Frosty Treat, play a game of golf and sleep with a lobster fisherman - there are photos of some hot eligible candidates in the book.

Is there something that Islanders and Torontonians have in common that surprised you?

People in Toronto love Alpine. I thought that was just a PEI thing, but I discovered this past winter, when I hosted the Season 2 launch for the great PEI comedy series Just Passing Through, that Torontonians love the Alpine with a passion. So I'm stoked to have them on board as the sponsor for the launch on Monday.

Book Page 3

How do “You Know You’re a Torontonian?”

You will line up for everything. If people come by the line and say there is no need to line up you will pretend you didn't hear them and stand your ground. Also, you love yoga and would literally die if you didn't have yoga.

People in other places might have a good mechanic or a go to hairdresser. You have a favourite bartender (usually either Gord Hannah or Sandy D'Almeida. Good thing I've got them on the bar every Monday at 86'd!).

Can we expect another book from you in the future?

Definitely. I'm always working on a few book projects at a time and I do all my launches at The Drake Hotel.

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