Drake Love Story: JT and Christina

Posted by Stephan Petar, October 20, 2016

Ask a couple how they met and there is a good chance they'll have met on Tinder, Bumble or some other app you’ve yet to hear of. The days of going to bar, using a cheesy pickup line to grab the attention of a stranger and then offering to buy them a drink is diminishing. It still happens, but very rarely these days.

Five years ago, before the onset of all these social dating apps, JT met his future bride Christina at The Drake Hotel on Canada Day by walking up to the bar and introducing himself. Last month the couple got engaged on the picturesque shorelines of the Drake Devonshire with a backdrop of the setting sun. Now they're eagerly planning their wedding, which could take place at Drake One Fifty to complete their Drake love story.

I sat down with the couple to talk about their history and it was hard not to get excited about their relationship. From their serendipitous first meeting to the proposal and everything in between, one thing is certain. JT loves Christina and Christina loves JT.

At The Bar

Describe how you first met.

Christina: My girlfriend and I decided to have a starter drink at The Drake Hotel before going out, so we approached the bar and began looking at the cocktail menu. Then some mysterious stranger walked up beside me and picked up a conversation. I had a feeling it was a conversation he started with someone else earlier because he asked “so how was upstairs?” I turned to him and said you got the wrong girl. He said okay and began to walk away, but then did a 360, walked back, put his hand out for a handshake and said “I’m John Thomas, can I buy you a glass of champagne?”

I was thinking that this guy was so slick wearing his Sperry’s, nicely fitted shorts that sat right above the knee, t-shirt and messy beach looking hair. I told him my friend needed a glass of champagne as well and he said no problem. So we walked over to his booth by the window and he ordered a champagne bottle.

That was a bold move JT. Would you have done it any differently?

JT: I think it worked out the way it was supposed to work out. Our lives collided out of pure luck…maybe fate? I was trying to get to the Sky Yard, but because it was too busy I stayed downstairs and then our lives intersected.


Christina, what was your first impression of JT?

Christina: Beach Bum. I wondered why this guy was at The Drake in Sperry’s and shorts.

JT, what was your first impression of Christina?

JT: Beautiful and confident. I mean she sent me away pretty confidently.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone who sees the potential love of their life at the bar, what would it be?

JT: Go talk to them. Give them a chance.

Christina: Be confident and know what you want. One thing I liked most about our moment was that I broke every single rule in the book, like not meeting a person at the bar. I took a chance and it worked out.


Fast-forward to this year, let’s talk about your proposal at Drake Devonshire. Why did you go to the Prince Edward County outpost and not to The Drake Hotel where you met?

JT: We had planned a trip to Drake Devonshire a while back. We went with my parents and spent the day wine tasting. I had the ring for a month or so and was thinking about the right time and place. I thought doing it at Drake Devonshire would be a great memory considering how we met. It was a way to continue our Drake love. I proposed on the beach at sunset and said some cheesy lines with my parents waiting in the distance.

Christina: We went two years ago to Drake Devonshire and had the best vacation ever. The venue was so thoughtful and detailed oriented. Now that he proposed at the Dev we’re trying to complete the trifecta: meet at The Drake Hotel, propose at Drake Devonshire and have a ceremony at Drake One Fifty.

What was the first thing you did after the proposal?

JT: We hugged, had champagne as a nod to when we first met, dinner and took photos in the photo booth.


What is your favourite thing to do as a couple?

Christina: I like travelling with him.

JT: Finding new places on the map, picking cool destinations and being there with Christina.

Any places for a honeymoon that you’re considering from your travels or do want to find a new place?

JT: I think, discover something new like Seychelles off the east coast of Africa. It’s a difficult place to get to and expensive, but it looks amazing.

What is your favourite place you’ve visited as a couple?

Christina: I’ll say California. One of my favourite experiences was driving from Napa Valley to San Diego.

JT: We stopped in every San city trying the local food and surfing. My favourite was going to Vietnam where her family is from and being with someone who understood the language and experiencing it from the perspective of someone from the area.

What has been your favourite moment as a couple?

JT: Mine was four months ago and it was then I knew she was the one. Christina is so hard core about her Shoppers Optimum points - collecting and saving. My Sonicare Toothbrush broke and for two months I was using a regular tooth brush and sometimes hers. One day she surprised me by using all her points to buy me a new one. Now my teeth are sparkling clean. True love.

Christina: We’ve had so many good times. It’s hard.

JT: We’ve had lots of ups and lots of downs, and that’s what comes with five years together. Just being there for each other when life throws you lows and having someone to pick you up as well as pushing you to the next point. There are so many checkpoints I would have never hit without Christina by my side.


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