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Posted by Drake, September 28, 2016

Nuit Blanche at The Drake

The only time of year you’re just peachy to stay up all night in the cold running through the streets? Nuit Blanche. This Saturday (October 1st) brings another year of Toronto’s beloved all-night art crawl extravaganza, filling the city with eye candy and giving you more than just a few opportunities to say, “Whoa… meta.” The Drake’s been in on the fun since the beginning of festival time giving us such Nuit Blanche gems as this:

Nuit Blanche at The Drake

"Fun House" | Nuit Blanche at The Drake Hotel, 2011

Nuit Blanche at The Drake

Kurt Bigenho, "Hello My Name Is" | Nuit Blanche at The Drake Hotel, 2012

Nuit Blanche at The Drake

FriendsWithYou, "Light Cave" | Nuit Blanche at Drake One Fifty, 2015

This year, we’re at it again! We’ve invited artist Jason Peters to construct his epic, illuminated sculptures at both The Drake Hotel + Drake One Fifty. Walk the “White Line” at 150 York St. (NB Project #43) and explore other dimensions through “Portals” at 1150 Queen St. West (NB Project #43) – we promise you won’t end up in the “upside down”. Open ‘til 4AM at both spots we’ll be keeping you warm, toasty + fueled for an art fest frenzy. But don’t get too comfortable… we know those Brown Butter Old Fashioneds can get ya.

As Nuit Blanche vets, we’ve learned a trick or two and we’ll be packing our toolkits with gear to keep us limber + ready for a night of exploring from West Queen West to the Downtown Core. Suit up art lovers… it’s time.

Nuit Blanche at The Drake


Now behave yourself. To remind you + your art squad of the “ouchie” moments in art history, the Art Crimes tee by Vacancy Projects will keep you in check + probably Googling. Now, be nice to the art.


Time to break out the thick knits! Skip the denial, it’s gonna be a chilly one so go all out. Grab mitts, scarves, toques + leg warmers so you can explore ‘til the sun comes up.


Pick your poison! And we don’t mean booze, you lush. Fill your thermos on warm tea, coffee, or hot chocolate and if you must spike it, spike it in style with an emoji flask.

Nuit Blanche at The Drake


Little known fact: the best art trail mix is craft chocolate bars.


Wanna stay lit the whole night? Hit the dollar store for glow bracelets + flashlights.


You know what never runs out of batteries? A good old fashioned paper map. Swing by The Drake to grab a copy for yourself before you hit the town!

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