Grow a Pair: Más Buscados + Drake Burger

Posted by Adrienne Friesen, September 29, 2016

Grow a Pair: The Drake Burger x Mas Buscados

In case you haven’t heard, The Drake burger is practically a Toronto institution. It’s been a staple on the menu at The Drake Hotel since we opened our doors and is a mainstay on the Drake One Fifty and Drake Devonshire menus as well. The burger’s not just a pretty face - it’s made from custom mix of 30-day aged brisket, chuck, and short rib from Cumbrae’s local butchery. Not to mention it’s served on a house-baked milk bun that you’ll be dreaming of for days.

If you’re thinking Drake Burger for brunch, we won’t even try to talk you out of ordering a Caesar - that’s just common Canadian sense, and a failsafe hangover cure. But if you’re dining with your wits about you, my reco would be to pair it with a glass of Más Buscados. It’s a Spanish red (that's "vino tinto") made from Tempranillo with a bit of Petit Verdot in the Castilla plateau region. Tempranillo (tem-pra-knee-yo) is essentially the grape of Spain. It’s mostly known for being combined with Garnacha in Rioja, but on its own it’s equally as delicious.

Grow a Pair: The Drake Burger x Mas Buscados

Tempranillo is filled with delicious red fruit notes, from strawberries to red cherries with some blackberry notes. The Spanish climate is a little less intense than a New World climate like Australia, so while this wine is bold, its fruit will still be fresh and ripe. Got a refined palate? Try to pick out the notes of spice, leather, and cedar. At 14% alcohol, it’s a mid-range red, so it won’t knock you out after one glass.

Grow a Pair: The Drake Burger x Mas Buscados

Okay, okay, that’s enough details. So why does this work with the burger? Meat is typically paired with red wine because the tannins (bitterness) in the wine are able to cut through the denseness and fattiness of meat. Conversely, the acid in the wine balances the fat from the custom burger mix, which melts throughout as it cooks. The wine is also able to stand up to the bold flavours of the burger (the Russian dressing, bacon + cheddar) without ending up tasting like water the way a light white wine might. The Más Buscados specifically is great because the bright red fruit flavors are fresh and the wine itself is crushable - perfect for cooler patio nights.

What’s in the name? The name Más Buscados, meaning “Most Wanted”, was inspired by the three Pacos: three growers, all named Paco, whose grapes we designated "the most wanted" for their concentration.

So make the Pacos proud + pair it up the next time you’re dining at The Drake!

Más Buscados is distributed by Noble Estates Wine & Spirits in Ontario.

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Author Adrienne Friesen is a recently certified sommelier (who happens to 9-5 as The Drake’s Digital Specialist). Adrienne is here to help you navigate The Drake's wine lists like a champ.

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