Drake AV: Alex Ricci

Posted by Drake, September 26, 2016

Alex Ricci, Drake AV

Meet Alex Ricci, one of seven members in the Drake AV (The Drake’s in-house collective of video artists, of course). ½ musician and ½ video artist, we’ve got one heck of a killer combo with works that blend music + projections using primarily analog equipment. Alex’s work has planted The Drake Hotel Sky Yard in other-worldly realms and shown off some serious doppelganger dance moves.

What made you apply to the Drake AV Club?

I applied to Drake AV Club because I found the application the day it was due, hours before the deadline. It didn’t give me any time to procrastinate, and barely any time to think, so I went ahead and filled out the conveniently short application. I was brand new to video art, having been working on it for about a year with my audio-visual collective Versa. I was wanting to expand my visual practice individually, having come from a music background. Drake AV seemed like a welcoming and challenging place to do so.

What is your eye drawn to these days?

• Time lapses
• Primary colours
• Perfectly clean, sterile, white objects that look like they’re from the future
• Mirrors and reflective surfaces (see Cottonwood Mirror Displacement at Camp Wavelength)
• Considerately formatted documents
• Cuties

When do you feel your most creative?

I definitely work best late at night, much to the annoyance of my partner. Collaborating and being faced with looming deadlines also helps to grease the wheels on my creativity.

What film or TV series did you watch as a child or youth that impacted you most?

Watching Dexter’s Laboratory as a child was pretty impactful. I soo badly wanted a laboratory behind my bookcase. I think I could have been pretty genius if my parents hooked that up.

What have you recently watched that has blown your mind?

• 4k and 8k drone footage of cities and landscapes that makes them look like the most realistic video game I’ve never played
• An episode from the first season of Community
• “What if man never made it to the moon” documentary

What work of yours will be screening at our properties?

• Sky Yard - where the popular Drake rooftop bar is transformed into a psychedelic spaceship cantina
• Dancing With Myself - where I explore identity and self in grainy, mirrored footage of me dancing with a doppelganger (fun masks and costumes abound)

Alex Ricci, Drake AV

What is on your mind a lot these days?

How to find artistic patrons so I don’t have to have a job.

What is a lesson you recently learned?

I semi-recently learned how to breath into my butt to gain better control of my diaphragm for singing. I don’t suggest this is important for everyone to learn.

As an artist, how do you differentiate yourself in this world?

I differentiate myself by working to discover and identify myself through my creative practice, by combining different media together to find innovative ways to create and present in a very saturated art world, and by collaborating to produce something way better than I could make on my own (and by having the longest run-on sentences).

What goals do you have for this fall?

• Finish my last video for Drake AV
• Record a rockin’ music video for my AV project Versa
• Do live improvised visuals using multiple projectors in a live music scenario (see Night/Shift Kitchener)
• Go to an all-inclusive in the Caribbean

Drake AV: Alex Ricci, Dancing With MyselfDrake AV on Vimeo.

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