The Vest-Less Cover Band: Dwayne Gretzky

Posted by Drake, August 31, 2016

September may be here, but we won't be riding off into the #summersixteen sunset without one last hurrah. Luckily, we've got Dwayne Gretzky on our side bringing sing-alongs + golden oldies that'll have you swaying with a brew in hand. Ahead of their performance of the century (right?), we caught up to chat fashion crimes + our favourite hypotheticals....

Dwayne Gretzky

So excited to have you at Drake Devonshire! What’s on your to-do list in PEC?

We were in PEC a few weeks ago and had a really great time. We went swimming at Sandbanks and then sat around on the beach throwing pebbles at a can on a stick for awhile which was pretty fun so maybe we'll just do that again!

How does your approach to the “cover band” differentiate you from other cover bands?

Fewer vests.

Describe how you guys collaborate: Is there much rehearsal time, or are shows more like jam sessions?

Generally we only ever rehearse when we're learning a batch of new songs. Everyone shows up prepared, having learned their parts, so it's usually just a matter of playing through each song a couple times and we're good to go. At shows, although we usually stick pretty faithfully to the original recordings, we'll sometimes find moments in certain songs to be playful and stretch things out a bit. Why not!

How do you decide which songs / bands to cover? What’s been an unexpected one?

First and foremost we cover songs that we love. Then it's a matter of choosing songs that play to our strengths. Occasionally we like to challenge ourselves by trying something a bit out of our comfort zone, particularly when we're doing a themed night like our 90's shows for instance. I suppose something like 'Getting Jiggy Wit It' by Will Smith was a bit of a stretch but it was fun to try!

If each of you were a Spice Girl, what Spice would you be?

Retired Spice (they're all so rich, you see)

If you shared a pet hamster, what would you name it?

The artist formerly knows as Prince Edward County.

See the band LIVE at Drake Devonshire's Labour Day BBQ, SEPT. 5!

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