Live in the Drake Underground - September Playlist

Posted by Jen McNeely, August 30, 2016
September Playlist

Photo by Sharmarke Abdi

While we're always proud of the talent that graces our stage, September in the Drake Underground is so stacked with amazing music that it deserves some special recognition.

One of the amazing perks of being The Drake Blog’s guest editor is that I'm introduced to so many artists. Music Programmer Iain MacNeil has compiled a Spotify playlist of the acts lined up to play next month, and I cannot stop listening!

Whether you want to shake it with Xenia Rubinos or shy kids, mellow into a trance-like state with the haunting music of Michl or quiet melodies from indie folk songstress Brooklyn Doran, or be stirred by Kaydee's politically-charged lyrics and infectious beats, there is something you will fall hard for in this hot lineup.

Bring on the leather weather! We can't wait to breathe the chill before descending into the warmth of the Underground to drip sweat, sway, shake, and grind the night away.

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